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There are many new developments that we hardly hear anything about, but which can certainly become interesting and important social trends. I stumbled upon a post quite by accident that astonished me on the one hand, but on the other hand it isn’t actually a real surprise.

The post is entitled “Vaccinates Women are now lying about their Vax Status as more Men see them as Infertility Risk(Vaccinated women now lie about their vaccination status because more and more men see them as an infertility risk).

Men do not want the risk of a vaccinated partner and mother of their children

The post begins by stating that everyone has been taught that those who have not been vaccinated will regret it. But now it looks like it’s the other way around. In a very startling reversal of things, vaccinated women are now being shunned by (not just unvaccinated) men. In the dating scene, potential marriage candidates flee because of concerns about possible birth defects and infertility.(We are now witnessing the first signs of the dreaded vaccine zombie apocalypse)

In the “dating scene”, on internet portals for the search for a partnership, and in clubs, many women have recently claimed that they were not vaccinated when asked about their vaccination status. Because they know that many men who are looking for a stable partnership or marriage and starting a family do not want vaccinated women. They are afraid that vaccinated women will be infertile, have miscarriages or give birth to deformed children.

The post quotes a man who has experienced disappointment several times. In the “acquisition phase” he received a clear announcement and the lady’s promise that she was not vaccinated, but then had to find out later that she had received “the injection” after all (took the jab).

“In clubs, they claim they’re NOT vax’d. They say things like ‘Oh COVID is bullshite‘ or ‘I don’t want to try this new experimental shot‘. … However, after going out with them several times, the women finally admit they took the vax . . . and watch as most potential husbands leave them almost on the spot.

(In the clubs they claim they’re not vaccinated. They say things like “oh, COVID is just bullshit” or “I don’t want to try this new experimental shot. … Anyway, after going out with them a few times, women end up admitting they got vaccinated.. and you can see that most potential husbands leave them almost on the spot.)

“I don’t want defective children and I won’t get closer to a girl who lied to my face from the start.”(Man coughs up “perfect” blood clot – 60 percent of people will develop blood clots after the “vaccination”.)

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(I don’t want deformed (hereditary) children, and I don’t want to get close with a girl who lied right to my face from the start.)

Reports of vaccinated women who have lost their baby in the first trimester of pregnancy or of birth defects are increasing around the world, despite media censorship. Certainly not all are correct.(Study: Most vaccinated people die from vaccine-induced autoimmune attacks on their own organs)

It’s just the same as it has been for ages: Whoever lies once is not believed… and the often state-paid “fact checkers” do not research unbiasedly, but only try to quote from scientists who are known to be “in line”. Everything else is completely ignored in the main media and fact-checkers, if not outright lies.

That the “crude conspiracy theories” only flourish (“the argue anyway EVERYTHING off what doesn’t fit into the narrative” they say), the censorship system itself is to blame for that. What was already told to us as incontrovertible truth and was wasted only weeks later?

Really just conspiracy theories?

There are very valid, scientific studies by very well many abortions and miscarriages in women vaccinated in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Wochenblick.at already reported in April 2021:

Dr. Larry Palevsky of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York sees the problem in the spike proteins caused by mRNA treatments. Palevsky is convinced that the spike proteins, which are supposed to fight the corona virus, could cause all the negative symptoms of corona disease. And nobody knows how to stop these processes.

The terrible side effects of vaccination according to Dr. Palevsky:
“What we have seen so far in vaccinated people is a massive increase in blood clotting problems, stillbirths and miscarriages, infertility, strokes, heart attacks, autoimmune diseases and death. To name just a few side effects from those who received vaccination.”

Note: All official sides firmly deny that the new vaccines could have an impact on fertility. So-called “fact checkers” have already categorized this assumption as “fake news” despite the weak data situation.(Vaccination side effects: Wheelchair bound and plagued by spasticity (video))

The Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, MD is there and he is a specialist in paediatrics.

Whether and, if so, what effects and perhaps damage these vaccinations can really cause in children, we will probably only find out very sparingly and in a year or two or more, when those responsible have left office and are no longer available. The fact is, however, that very archetypal behaviors that work in all animals and also in humans suddenly take hold here again: Humans want to father healthy, strong offspring. That is THE principle of life.

A conspiracy theory? Perhaps. But let’s think about vaccinations, how Gardasil, Pandemrix or Dengvaxia and what they have done to the children. The only reason it didn’t degenerate into a catastrophe was that it only affected a few pitiful people and was canceled very quickly. So much for the full-bodied claims of the StIKo (permanent vaccination commission) that there are no long-term effects of vaccinations. (10 million people a day are put on a countdown to death from a vaccine that could wipe out billions if left unchecked)

“Purebloods” and the racism club

Interestingly, many of those who are unvaccinated by conviction in various countries around the world are now starting not in despair, but proud that they have not submitted and no longer want to be called “unvaccinated” but “pure-blooded”. “Don’t call me unvaccinated, I’m a ‘pure blood’„.

This term is apparently inspired by JK Rowling’s Harry Potter saga and is used almost internationally on Tiktok. In Harry Potter, the ancient families in the magical realm consider themselves pure blood and look down on those who married Muggles – people not born with magical powers. With regard to the vaccination, it also sounds through that the vaccinated are GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and no longer real, natural people.

Of course, the racism club is also unpacked. It all sounds a lot like Nazi ideology and is aimed at white skin, blue eyes and blond hair, the Aryan superman. It doesn’t really look like that though. The narrowing down of the search for life partners to the “Purebloods” as the producers of the common children has long since spread through all skin colors.

A brand new one Dating-App namens „Pure Match“ (Coming together of the “pure”) is about to happen in Australiato come to market. Here unvaccinated people willing to commit should have the opportunity to find a suitable partner. Pure Match promises to provide a platform for the unvaccinated to connect about their common interests, the most important of which is choosing not to get vaccinated.

The promise: “PURE. We are coming soon. Sign up for Australia’s first unvaccinated matching site in the welcome screen on the website. And: ” We work hard to bring you the purest platform that we know you will love, stay tuned and stay strong ” reads a message on the Pure Match site. And: “What is the meaning of life is the most difficult question in the world. ‘Are you vaccinated?’ has now surpassed that.’

The unvaccinated have and build better networks

It’s not easy to find the URL of this website. If you enter the keywords, only fairly critical, sometimes outrageous reports ABOUT appear, but, unlike usual, nowhere a link to the page itself. Apparently they don’t want to encourage it. It won’t do much good, though, because those who haven’t been vaccinated yet aren’t as easily intimidated or thwarted.

They still find their way. Even the anti-vaccination demonstrations that are taking place all over the world are a huge dating scene. People find each other there anyway and many connections, friendships, groups, joint ventures and networks of all kinds are formed.

The somewhat naively stupid letters to the editor under the articles about the self-proclaimed “pure-bloods” who reject vaccinated acquaintances (how could that even work, because the unvaccinated shouldn’t go anywhere to get to know each other…?) are rather funny. Not everyone gets vaccinated so they can go to clubs and bars and parties and meet someone there…because they have no other idea.

The relationships among the unvaccinated and their opportunities are vastly greater. You just know that you have to take care of yourself, network, become active. You know each other and you help each other.

As unfortunate as it is that societies are so divided and that hatred and hatred are poured out by the public authorities, politicians and media by bucketfuls against unvaccinated people: it is forcing the outcast “subhumans” into a crash course in survivability. You learn a lot about it.

To be attentive, to move carefully, to act under the radar, to find solutions to the problems that cause the harassment and to go completely new ways, to be flexible, to try out ideas together, to consciously change the life situation to be more “independent”. , to network people who need or can provide help immediately after a request in the group.(Drainage of modern vaccines of spike proteins and graphene oxide (video))

You will not get what you want by excluding those who are not vaccinated. It protects them from the vaccinated, who do not want to accept that they are infected and continue to be infected in the same way as unvaccinated people. And it proves again and again that massive Covid outbreaks also take place in isolated, fully vaccinated groups (cruise ships, 2G+parties, Antarctic expedition) – and quite a few.

The more the system excludes the unvaccinated, the more and more openly it becomes apparent that the vaccinated themselves keep the Covid pandemic going among themselves.

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Sources: PublicDomain/schildverlag.de am 11.01.2020

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