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Mourning in the world of medical and scientific research: Dr. Domenico Biscardi.
Dr. Biscardi died in hospital from cardiac arrest. The dynamics are still not entirely clear.
A geneticist and pharmacologist, the researcher was known to many for his work focusing on vaccines anti-Covid.
Many certificates of esteem and messages of condolence published in these hours on social networks.

All the editorial staff and users of the Database Italia community join in the condolences of the family.

We re-publish the episode of December 28, 2021 in which Dr. Biscardi

There were immediately numerous messages of condolence on the profile of Dr. Biscardi.
Domenico Biscardi another victim, just like De Donno. Another martyr for the truth. But by now we are almost there …“Someone writes. “They killed a real scientist who fought to the end against these criminals … from today you are a martyr of the resistance … we will never forget you … good trip Domenico Biscardi. PS: you will pay dearly for it sooner or later … criminal government and all its collaborators … RESIST“Writes another user.

And then again, “Dr. Domenico Biscardi died, he announced a few days ago that he had made an important discovery on Covid serums, they committed suicide. Like De Donno. Rest in peace, as a hero, as you said “.

I don’t know if they can be called CALAMITY, CASUALITY or FATE CHOKE … or maybe STATE MURDER … but as it happens that every time Someone is close to the TRUTH … ALWAYS DISAPPEAR … Doesn’t it seem a bit STRANGE …?
Anyway rest in peace Domenico Biscardi Great DOCTOR RESEARCHER TRUE … with whom I also did a LIVE … Thanks for everything … We DO NOT GIVE UP a millimeter … “, comments another user.


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