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From Paul Craig Roberts: He is an American economist and publicist. He was assistant secretary of the Treasury during the Reagan administration and is known as a co-founder of the Reagan administration’s economic policy program.

Glenn Greenwald comments on the “Trump uprising” histrionics of the Democrats. Greenwald hits the nail on the head, but the situation for America is even more serious than he thinks.

Here is Greenwald’s explanation of the counterfactual reality the Democrats created for us:

“The orgy of psychodrama today [6. Januar 2022] was so much worse and pathetic than I expected – and I expected that she would be extremely bad and pathetic. The House of Representatives Democrats [warteten]until it was their turn to address Dick Cheney as the beacon of American democracy, ”CNN’s Edward-Isaac Dovere reported. Nancy Pelosi introduced Lin-Manuel Miranda and the actors from Hamilton to preach and sing about the importance of American democracy. Huffington Post’s senior policy reporter Igor Bobic unironically expressed his gratitude for “the four-legged emotional helpers who were out and about in the Capitol this week, helping officials, staff and reporters alike.” Yesterday, CNN’s Kaise Hunt announced, “Tomorrow is going to be very tough for those of us who were there or had loved ones in the building. I think of you all and find strength in the knowledge that I am not alone in this. Not surprising, but still repulsive: Kamala Harris compared January 6th with 9/11 today. “

“The fact that the January 6 uprising was a serious attempt at insurrection or a ‘coup’ was ridiculous from the start and has become even more absurd as time and other facts become known. The United States is the most armed, militarized, and most powerful regime in human history. The idea that about a thousand Trump supporters [eigentlich nur ein paar Hundert und wahrscheinlich mehr Bundesagenten als Trump-Anhänger]made up largely of Generation X and the boomers who locked themselves in their homes during a pandemic [echte harte Kerle] – three of whom were so physically frail they fell dead from stress – even remotely posing a serious threat to the “overthrow” of the federal government of the United States is such a blatantly ridiculous claim that any healthy political culture has somebody who would suggest something like that would throw it out of the room immediately without changing a face. “

An example of what Greenwald writes about is Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a US Congressman who represents the 23rd Congressional District in Florida, apparently a very sick part of Florida. Here’s what she had to tell me on January 6th, 2022:


Today it is a year since the terrible uprising put thousands of people in danger and the lives of law enforcement officers who bravely fought to protect our Capitol.

This was one of the darkest days in our country’s history, and the blame lies with conspirators like Donald Trump, who called for violence against our democracy. Now he and his far-right allies are doing everything they can to shirk responsibility for their actions.

I refuse to let that happen, Paul. We must hold all those involved in the violent uprising accountable for their crimes and ensure that this does not happen again.

That is exactly the aim of the House of Representatives’ committee of inquiry investigating the Capitol uprising. On this anniversary, add yourself to the list to be held accountable and to support the mandate of our investigation.

When I was at the Capitol complex that day and witnessed what happened, it was terrifying for me personally and for our nation. It showed us how dangerous lies and conspiracies can be.

Therefore, we must seize this moment as an opportunity to put truth and justice above all else and to take action to protect our democracy.

Paul, can you join me today and demand that the rioters be held accountable for their actions?

Thank you and stay safe


As readers know, my confidence in America’s future has hit rock bottom. This is because of the people Glenn Greenwald writes about, people like Debbie. It is extraordinary to me that a US MP can be someone who is as completely uniformed and brainwashed as Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

During the alleged “Trump uprising,” Trump spoke to Americans from every state who had gathered a mile or two away at the Washington Monument in support of him. It is unclear whether the few hundred people in the Capitol were Trump supporters at all. Many were federal agents and left-wing provocateurs who wanted to undermine the Trump rally with a staging.

No police officers were dragged to their deaths in the Capitol. No law enforcement officers fought valiantly to protect our Capitol. As numerous videos show, the Capitol was opened to the “insurgents” and they walked around and looked around. Some enjoyed having their picture taken sitting on Nancy Pelosi’s desk and others engaging in youthful antics.

There was no violence except for the black police officer who shot and killed a white female veteran for no apparent reason. No charges were brought against the policeman, who was far more of an apparent no-cause murderer than Derick Chauvin.

Note that Debbie names President Trump a conspirator against American democracy who brought dark days into our country’s history. She refuses to allow this and urges me to hold Trump and his supporters accountable for the threats to American democracy. But there is no accountability, not even a credible explanation, for massive vote changes in swing states in the middle of the night without election observers present.

Imagine if American democracy is threatened by a few hundred people walking around the Capitol. What should they have done? Give orders to the military? Take over the TV channels? How should this “insurrection” take place? By sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s chair?

Debbie showed us how Democrats and their media whores create counterfactual narratives. They do this in public without shame, and what is more terrifying, Americans fall for it.

Here, for example, reports Bloomberg representative David E. Rovella: “A visibly angry President Joe Biden warned America that the deadly uprising in the US Capitol a year ago is part of a wider war against democracy by Donald Trump and other Republican politicians – a war they wage to this day. . . . Biden referred to Trump as the leader of the campaign and promised to declare war on him. I will defend this nation, ”Biden announced on Thursday. I will not allow anyone to put a dagger on the throat of democracy. ”And that by a president who has promised to unite the country!

Repetition made the “deadly insurrection” a fact. A few hundred unarmed people wanted to overthrow the US government! The only fatality was a white Trump supporter who was shot dead for no reason by a black police officer who was not brought to justice. The unprovoked killing of a Trump supporter turns a non-riot into a “deadly riot”. People who repeat this fiction have no integrity.

If Americans choose pathological liars to rule them, how can there be hope for America at all?

If a country that was left to the protection of free media by the founding fathers is instead faced with a ministry of propaganda, how can people be protected from government lies and tyranny?

It can’t be you.

Are Americans so weak, so cowardly, so brainwashed and indoctrinated that they cannot defend the truth and their freedom?

It seems so. They either allowed the Democrats to steal the election or they voted for them. The only conclusion is that the American people are either innocent or cowardly.

I can tell you one thing. These kinds of Americans have absolutely no chance of holding their own against Russians, Chinese and Iranians. The American of the Democrats is more against his own country and values ​​and against white Americans whom he has branded as “racists” than against powerful countries that his moronic government has made enemies.

With the Democrats in power, hatred of America and whites is government policy. The United States has no future.


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