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Dr. Vladimir Zelenko warns in a video message that everything will be done to silence critical doctors. If he dies soon, it will not be from illness or suicide, he says.

In a video Zelenko posted on Gettr on Monday, he hinted that the establishment will step up its fight against doctors who openly oppose this policy. He calls on people to resist.

“The government is now desperate,” says Zelenko. “The tyrants know that their end is near, and they have dug in and will now try in their totalitarian tyranny to eliminate voices like me.”

“First, I am not suicidal,” said Zelenko. “Second: I am healthy. So if I die or disappear, it has nothing to do with it. ”He speaks of an“ attack on the truth ”.

Zelenko goes on to say that there will soon be an “attempt to sanction doctors like me, withdraw our licenses, defame us, and so on.”

The only way out, the doctor said, is for honest doctors and other like-minded people to unite, rise up politically and reject tyranny.

“My request to all doctors and to everyone who listens to me is to go in exactly the opposite direction: stand up. This is a civil war for freedom, hopefully in a non-violent way, ”says Zelenko.

He calls for civil disobedience. “We have to say ‘no’ to the crazy puppet in the White House and all the lies from the likes of Fauci and the NIH, the CDC and the FDA. All these organizations are nothing but prostitutes ”.

The future, Zelenko affirmed, depends on good people opposing ruthless authoritarianism (in a non-violent way).

“If you want your children to have a chance to thrive with God-consciousness, now is the time to stand up and make sacrifices because our children’s freedom depends on what we do now,” notes the doctor.

“I am not a proponent of violence. I advocate civil disobedience. Rise. Say no to lethal injections and completely reject today’s government, which is nothing but an enemy of the people, an enemy of humanity, an enemy of God. “


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