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Do you remember this scene from Batman: The Dark Knight?

The Joker is standing in front of a huge pyramid of gold… Level by level thousands of dollar bills are stacked up.

And then…

Then he pours gasoline over the pyramid – dumps it on it as if the bills were worthless garden waste. Then he takes his cigar out of the mafia boss’s mouth, flicks it on the pyramid… and billions of dollars burn up like logs in a fireplace.

Central banks have been doing something similar to the euro and dollar over the last few years:

The amount of money has increased rapidly – in the EU by 25 percent, in the USA by 50 percent… and that in the last 36 months.

Each new ticket printed reduces the value of your account. This is one reason – besides supply chains – why inflation cuts your gold like this:

You pay 51.9 percent more for heating oil.

For eggs 14.1 percent.

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For butter 12.3.

It almost feels like the Joker dropped a cigar in your shopping cart.

These are (admittedly) extreme examples. But 5.3 percent inflation in December 2021 leaves no one indifferent.

So how can you protect your G*ld?

With shares? Gold? Property?

Unfortunately only conditionally…

While they’ve increased tremendously in recent years… they have not too much won. No, like a navigation system of the traffic route, they rather followed the increasing amount of money.

These asset classes have not increased in value extremely, G*ld has fallen in value extremely.

(I’m talking about broad indices such as the S&P 500).

Just one asset class all in all has the money supply clear beaten:

Kr * ypto.

And by more than 1000 percent.

Of course, this is no guarantee that things will continue like this. However, you have clearly had the best results with crypto in recent years… and we are probably far from finished.

But where do you start? How can you protect your wealth from the wild card (inflation)?

You can find out at the Cryptopia Coin Summit online congress. From Friday, January 21st to Sunday, January 23rd, 17 experts will “take you” into the defining crypto trends of the next few years.

In NFTs.

In Play-to-Earn.

In DeFi.

Into decentralized stocks (yes, having stocks on the blockchain still an enormous tax advantage).

How to protect your wealth from inflation…


Do you want to watch month after month as shopping cuts deeper and deeper into your account? How you can afford less and less… and a pay rise doesn’t even begin to make up for what you’re losing to inflation?

Or do you want to get to know the asset class who has not only protected your wealth over the past few years, but has even multiplied it?

Register here free of charge for the congress:


We look forward to you!

Your MoneyHeros (formerly G*ldhelden)

PS So that your start in Kr*pto succeeds without any problems, we have two gifts for you (worth €219):

The video course “B*tcoin + Kr*pto simply understand, invest and secure” + the novel “Cryptopia.”

Just knowing this puts you ahead of 97 percent of the world’s population (Between 1 and 3 percent of the world’s population is only in crypto. Again, tell someone you’re not early!)

You get these two brilliant gifts, if you register for the congress here:


PPS: Pass this message on to your friends, family and colleagues and reap much gratitude in a few years…

Sources: PublicDomain on 01/21/2022

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