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“May the world heal on the German character”. This smug, proud quote from the imperial era would rather thwart today’s mood of the role model Germany. Especially not his uncompleted, postponed homework.

In the rest of the western world, things are not looking rosy either. At the moment, a certain financial elite is trying to open up the world for themselves with the globetrotter Corona as “Nano-Dietrich”: With withdrawal of cash, forced vaccinations, spreading fear and terror – in short, with global influence. What awaits us free-thinking citizens? Is it the insights and coercive measures of politics, the achievements of our modern technology? Only a good measure of vigilance and prudence leads us firmly into the vague, foreign-determined future.

Overthrow of Values ​​by “Technical Advancement”

How did the Latins say? Vigilia Pretium Libertatis, vigilance is the price of freedom. We are in the midst of an overthrow of values ​​and with it powerful social upheavals. The ingredients are: The nuclear mix of unlimited money creation, the incredibly despicable financial system, the collapse of the global economy and world trade, pushed by a catastrophic pandemic as a door opener. Last but not least, the ideological climate hysteria leads away from the scientifically proven facts into the dark dead end of insane political mistakes.

Human ingenuity is


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