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“May the world heal on the German character”. This smug, proud quote from the imperial era would rather thwart today’s mood of the role model Germany. Especially not his uncompleted, postponed homework. By Hans-Jörg Müllenmeister

In the rest of the western world, things are not looking rosy either. At the moment, a certain financial elite is trying to open up the world for themselves with the globetrotter Corona as “Nano-Dietrich”: With withdrawal of cash, forced vaccinations, spreading fear and terror – in short, with global influence. What awaits us free-thinking citizens?

Is it the insights and coercive measures of politics, the achievements of our modern technology? Only a good measure of vigilance and prudence leads us firmly into the vague, foreign-determined future.

Overthrow of Values ​​by “Technical Advancement”

How did the Latins say? Vigilia Pretium Libertatis, vigilance is the price of freedom. We are in the midst of an overthrow of values ​​and with it powerful social upheavals. The ingredients are: The nuclear mix of unlimited money creation, the incredibly despicable financial system, the collapse of the global economy and world trade, pushed by a catastrophic pandemic as a door opener.

Last but not least, the ideological climate hysteria leads away from the scientifically proven facts into the dark dead end of insane political mistakes.

Human ingenuity is always ready to shamelessly overstep moral boundaries with modern technology (Greek téchne: to put into action). There are hardly any ethical barriers to even the crude messing around in the human genome, the hereditary material. It will certainly never be clarified whether the Corona scourge is in fact a chimera manipulated by humans and whether it escaped from a high-security laboratory.

Let us be humble, for even lowly life forms are socially superior to us

Imagine that: A few corona tiny creatures, only 20 nano-millimeters in size, attack us – us walking bipeds, consisting of an ordered cell cluster of 10 to the power of 13 body cells. Let’s compare “body cell billionaires” with the single-celled, wafting demi-creature of the slime mold, a special model of evolution: It has a kind of memory, but without having a brain.

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This fascination even has a social competence between its colonies that we human, two-legged multicellular organisms could rediscover in the current permanent crisis. Measured against this, we behave foolishly, because in life we ​​have often only created illusory values ​​such as the despicable Mammon.

We have often lost the fine instinct for nature and the formation of the heart. Perhaps the Corona plague will help us to redevelop these qualities. (SHAEF on BR television “Komödienstadl” and Germany under the control of the White Hats? (Video))

Technical “progress”: The often postponed 5G network

The action principle of hasty digitization also guides the recent construction of the 5G network, the fifth generation of mobile telecommunications. They want to rush to install the microwave network globally first, instead of investigating possible health risks of microwaves on the human organism beforehand.

In addition: Give free rein to the proliferation of antennas! Streamlined adapted media rigorously place the critics one and all in the corner of conspiracy theory. In ancient Rome, the legal principle “Audiatur et altera pars” still applied, because “both sides must be heard”.

Contrary to all claims from politics, business and the media, thousands of studies show us how harmful this type of microwave radiation is for all forms of life.

Of course, there are also money-backed, trivializing counter-studies. The fact is: Our immune system has been shown to suffer from the radiation, as do all of the biological functions that are caused by it. This not only affects our health, but also that of all biological creatures, such as trees: Their breath gives us life!(SHAEF: Söder overthrown, Bavaria under martial law – this is how some imagine the liberation of Germany (videos))

Rigorous disposal of the basic energy suppliers

Pseudo-green stretches of land, plastered over with wind turbines and solar panels, are one thing, the endangerment of our nationwide basic energy supply is another.

Politicians decided apodictically to rapidly dismantle our coal and nuclear power plants – superficially lush green; However, thinking too short-sightedly, especially not with economic expertise. Our political color pot “red-green-yellow” boldly wants to replace the resulting gap in the basic supply with gas-fired power plants.

This is economically too short-lived, because by 2040 these stopgap people should also suffer the same disposal fate. What utter nonsense. No gas operator will agree to such a short-term deal. At the same time, the gas production of the finished Russian pipeline Nord Stream 2 is being politically torpedoed.

The Crux: Instability of the European interconnected grid

First of all: Germany is not energy self-sufficient because it is part of the large, fragile European electricity system. The 50 Hz mains frequency must be kept constant.

Without these, the network would collapse. However, the stability of the grid is endangered to the extent that many small feeders from wind and sun make a contribution: Keeping the grid frequency constant in the case of “flickering” feed-in and load changes requires an increasing amount of control engineering effort in terms of grid intelligence.

The probability that there will be a blackout in the future, i.e. a total power failure, is as certain as a sack of rice falling over in China. This danger is acute, because network operators have to intervene thousands of times every year to prevent the worst-case scenario.

Incidentally, our neighbors, such as France or the Eastern Europeans, have so far supplied us with the “missing” electricity via the grid, but only if they have enough of it and only for a hefty fee.

This tiny dependency takes on elementary importance when our dear neighbors themselves “accidentally” run out of electricity. After all, there are no binding supply agreements.

How schizophrenic is that?

While some European countries are even preparing new green nuclear power plants with improved technology, and they are being approved by the EU because of the now CO2-friendly technology demand bonuses, the model boy in terms of climate change is razing his nuclear power plants. In addition, the state is baiting citizens with financial incentives to switch to e-mobility. At that point, at the latest, one asks oneself: Where is the additional gigawatt electrical power for all e-cars supposed to come from?

Above all: Where are the “envisaged” power lines down to the low-voltage range to the consumer? We already have our negative experience. Think of the German beacons of bad planning: the eternal work of Berlin Airport or the Swabian taste of Stuttgart Central Station. In my opinion, the country of poets and thinkers has degenerated into a compliant companion of unreasonableness and babble.

And what options open up for the state if every car driver can “fill up” with their electricity needs, but this process is controlled “from above” as they wish? A tempting, rationing-disciplining measure.

No more electricity for everyone. So what?

The blackout scenario would be a dangerous component of the climate lockdown. The measures taken to restart the European interconnected grid after a blackout not only cost time. The effort would be gigantic. Inconceivable if the entire infrastructure with all its users came to a standstill.

There would be no water, no advancement, no communication, no information through the media, no waste disposal. Grocery shopping would no longer be possible. And what about the care of the sick? The whole social life would get out of joint.

Could the future scenario look like this?

Unemployment worldwide could soon reach unimagined dimensions. Wages then drop to an unprecedented minimum. Social systems collapse. The danger of civil wars would increase dramatically. The total dictatorial surveillance state sends its best regards – worldwide.

people lose their civil courage; they could no longer make a living. We can all do something about this: Let’s not allow ourselves to be enslaved. In the midst of the crisis, let’s take care of our financial and physical health.

While the corona pandemic may only last for months, the economic crash will have full effect in the coming months and years to come. Gone then with the excess and fun society.

Modesty, thrift, even poverty and impoverishment soon pervade society. She is about to undergo a complete makeover, a mental and spiritual catharsis. New thoughts must be permitted, because nothing endangers the dumbing down of the people more than one’s own reflection.


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