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It was 2020, promoted by the Municipality of Venice, the huge digital golden tree by Fabrizio Plessi. This year instead ….UNDER THE CHRISTMAS TREE IN ROME 17 PACKAGES WITH UN GOALS – dto open with your smartphone.

By Marina Mascetti

We are crossing the threshold of two years of non-stop nightmare exhausted. For two years there has been no talk of anything else and never as now the propaganda of the Big Brother Healthcare is pounding.

Some still have the illusion that the “state of emergency” ends on December 31, and it hurts. ( ed: not anymore …) Already now the Bulletin of Disgraces is howling for three Covid deaths a day, and ignores the thousands who die on that same day from cancer, heart attack or adverse vaccine events – for which “there is no correlation”. They threaten yellow and red zones, curfews and lockdowns: we are back to the starting square of the Game of the Goose, and the lies are still the same. They will make Christmas pass (perhaps) and then they will go down hard as and more than before, with variations, infections and cases. History repeats itself and you already know it.

It is time to take stock. In recent months we have left childhood friends on the street who no longer speak to you because you are a “no-vax”. We have lost others who only hang out with the vaccinated – better, so they only become infected with each other. But were they really friends? We’ve seen ninety eight-year-olds understand deception more than many graduate professionals we thought were intelligent – but were they really?
The scheme is always the same all over the world, not only in Italy, and this makes it clear that behind there is a common direction. As Diego Fusaro writes, this is a Global Health Coup of neoliberal capitalism now in its terminal phase, which saw the pandemic as a “great opportunity” to increase and perpetuate its power in an ever more pervasive way.

In her book “After the West” the great anthropologist Ida Magli wrote: “The death of the West depends on the mental pathology of its rulers, induced by the possession of” Power “, and by the anxiety of wanting to increase and consolidate it continuously, without ever finding a limit. In Europe, rulers have found the absolute way to dominate their subjects: empty their lives by turning it into figures. They succeeded in convincing the poor subjects that nothing can be charged to the rulers, who have to do is present the bill ». Everything is governed by percentages, statistics and algorithms; the only thing that matters is the budget, public debt and GDP.

The artfully fomented hatred against those who do not get vaccinated (the new plague spreaders) is a weapon of mass distraction, the classic divide et impera. It hides the lies about the experimental gene sera, passed off as a cure-all: they do not make you immune to the disease and last about six months, while the polio and smallpox vaccines last a lifetime. This is precisely the point: they have transformed the whole of humanity into a people of the sick for life; every now and then they come back healthy, but only for 48 hours – the duration of the tampon. Ahead of Big Pharma there is an endless business: third, fourth, fifth dose and booster. Do you think it will end soon?

The real purpose is not the protection of our health: not an extra euro has been allocated by the government for public health, while the private one makes billionaire earnings with tampons, masks, disinfectants and vaccines. The Green Pass is not a ‘health pass’ but the first step along the path of total and computerized control of the life of each of us. It is Surveillance Capitalism (Shoshana Zuboff), which starts with health and extends to everything else. To health tracking (excellent pretext) will soon be added tax, banking, judicial, and then the abolition of cash (if you do not behave well they block your account). Thus we will arrive at total surveillance, with a point system on the Chinese model and it will be the end of all freedom: the Digital Gulag. (No need for concentration camps, just your home. But in Australia they already exist).

This scenario is not the work of “conspiracy theorists”: the Grand Master Klaus Schwab (World Economic Forum of Davos) wrote it in black and white in the book “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”. The appendix outlines their program for the next thirty years. It starts from “implantable technologies” with a chip under the skin (even the mobile phone), artificial intelligence, cryptocurrencies, to end with projects that make you shiver: the “creation of human beings with an edited genome” and the “artificial memory implanted in the human brain” with a chip. There is to be happy.

The Politically Correct Mental Gulag already exists now: you give up thinking, you convince yourself that you just have to obey, get vaccinated, wear a mask (a tangible sign of submission to the Health Dictatorship) and behave well (“I have nothing to hide”). Many prefer not to know, because the world would collapse on them; it is easier to believe in TV, in virologists or in the Dragon Leopard (“whoever does not get vaccinated dies”). Last but not least, the unforgettable Mario Monti has just said that “we need to find less democratic ways of administering information”. It will be “administered” like the castor oil it once was, in pediatric doses, as if we were all children. Monica Maggioni of RAI echoes him: “Public TV will not give space to those who disagree with the government’s policy on vaccines” because “not all opinions are equal”. In fact: some are more equal than others, such as at Orwell’s Animal Farm.

In the Soviet Union after Stalin’s death there was a brief period of liberalization of the critique of the system; but then those who had been too sincere ended up in the Gulag. So remember that everything you say and write on the web could one day be used against you, and it won’t erase itself. They would find you everywhere, tracking you with mobile phones and the Green Pass. They are not paranoia: today’s surveillance is much more relentless than that of the KGB, the Stasi or the Gestapo, with facial recognition cameras and soon a nice chip under the skin for everyone, as if we were dogs. So you don’t even need a leash.
But Covid made us understand that we lived in an absurd way, obsessed with money and success, “always connected” day and night, with no more time for us and our loved ones. We have the opportunity to change and revise our priorities, as we only live once.

Ida Magli wrote: “Haste devours the West, the worry of not wasting time prevents us from realizing that in reality almost nothing of the things that matter is produced: thought, science (technology is only the application of scientific discovery), philosophy, literature and art. The market, advertising, stock market indices have taken their place, and update the world minute by minute of their tireless activity … While the real life of men is projected beyond the horizon of what matters, and therefore sinks into the indistinct and amorphous ».

Those born in the analogue era know well that without digital you lived very well, even better: everything was simpler and more humane, people were more honest, there was mutual trust, good faith.But let’s go beyond the good old days , let’s look to the future. In this dystopian scenario, one way out is the one indicated by Ray Bradbury in the novel “Fahrenheit 451”, set in a world where books (and therefore knowledge) were forbidden: escape from cities by learning books by heart, to preserve culture and civilization. That is to return to the humanistic civilization that places man at the center, to art and beauty, in contact with Nature, without the obsession with time and profit. Today the only defense – very simple – is to turn off the mobile phone and TV, disappear from ‘social’ and enter “Amish mode”.

Be ready, however: the advertising of panettone shows relatives framed by mobile phones in a video call, implying that the next will be a “smart” Digital Christmas, that is, remotely. «Be good», as the advertisement for a panettone says. And most importantly, don’t think.

SOURCE https://www.lagazzettadilucca.it/cronaca/2021/12/natale-digitale-fine-pena-mai/

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