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It now shows that the vaccines are only a sales driver for big pharma.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported 89 cruise lines with COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, Bloomberg reports.

The cruise industry has been recovering since this summer, but the COVID outbreaks on cruise lines in recent weeks have prompted some US lawmakers to urge cruise line operators to suspend all cruises.

Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal said cruise lines “are repeating recent history as a petri dish for Covid-19 infections”.

“It is time for the CDC and the cruise lines to protect consumers and withdraw their ships again,” tweeted Blumenthal.

The CDC is currently investigating 86 cruise lines for COVID outbreaks. This affects 32 Carnival, 25 Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. and 15 Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. The CDC website states that four ships on the Walt Disney Co.’s Disney Cruise Line are under surveillance.

Cruise ships were once hailed as one of the safest vacation destinations due to their strict health policies only allowing vaccinated adults and the opportunity to isolate yourself from the rest of the “dangerous” world. However, since we learned that vaccines don’t prevent the virus from being transmitted – and thereby questioning their entire purpose – the opposite is happening, and cruise lines are under fire, just as they did in 2020 when they confirmed it in the first Year of Biden’s tenure has seen virtually no progress in containing the Covid.


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