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The 2020 election investigation of Fulton County, Pennsylvania is still in the works. Investigators are trying to move forward, but the Pennsylvania Democrats, the RINOs and the Dominion are trying to stop or block any attempts to investigate the 2020 election results.

In Fulton County, Pennsylvania, there are still all the usual suspects. RINO’s GOP politicians and Democrats are working closely to prevent any PA Senate investigation into the 2020 election. The Dominion is now functionally controlling the legal fight to prevent the PA Senate from investigating or even obtaining a forensic copy of the voting equipment (the PA Secretary of State and the Dominion are trying to prevent the Fulton County PA from giving Senate investigation access to Fulton County voting machines).

We talked about it at the end of last week.

Domain panics in Pennsylvania because their machines probably weren’t properly “hardened” and should never have been used

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While the judge has not yet decided whether Dominion may also be part of the case, Dominion is clearly coordinating a strategy with AP Secretary of State and Attorney General Shapiro.

The Secretary of State and the AP Attorney General made false factual statements during oral arguments before the Commonwealth Court in which they oppose a subpoena from the Senate committee (for example, they claimed that making a forensic copy of the voting equipment would destroy evidence either that the Senate does not have the jurisdiction to investigate, or that only them [Dominion] have the skills to perform this type of collection / analysis).

The people involved in the audit are waiting for the court to approve the collection of forensic data this Wednesday. The team working on the project for the Senate has fully complied with the requirements of the Secretary of State and has provided ample evidence of their experience in performing such work and a detailed procedure on how forensic imaging will take place. In response, the Secretary of State and AG continue to object, insisting that the trial should not proceed because their expert (a West Coast individual who has no computer or forensic experience) will not be available for the next few weeks.

Will the Democrats and the Dominion be able to block and derail the Pennsylvania investigation? Time will tell.

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