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To the second time this month A COVID-19 outbreak was detected on a cruise ship with fully vaccinated adult passengers and crew.

Forty-eight people aboard the Royal Caribbean Symphony of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship, tested positive for COVID on Saturday after returning from a week-long cruise.

“Everyone who tested positive was asymptomatic or had mild symptoms, and we continuously monitored their health,” Royal Caribbean told NBC Miami. “Everyone was quickly quarantined,” the statement said.

Royal Caribbean’s health policy requires that all adults be vaccinated with at least two vaccinations from Pfizer or Moderna, or one vaccination from Johnson & Johnson. The disease outbreak affects 0.78% of the 6,091 passengers and crew traveling from Miami to the Caribbean ports of St. Maarten, St. Thomas and Royal Caribbean’s private island CocoCay on December 11th. The cruise ship returned to its home port on December 18.

Cruise ships have been hailed as one of the safest vacation trips because of their strict health guidelines that only allow vaccinated adults – but as vaccines become less effective, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Earlier this month, Norwegian Breakaway, which is part of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. Heard an outbreak of COVID detected even though the ship was fully vaccinated.

Cruise Industry News reported that the cruise industry tightened its masking measures amid the surge in virus cases in the US.

It is becoming increasingly clear that vaccines are becoming less effective. A recent study of the top three COVID vaccines found a “dramatic” decrease in effectiveness within six months. Since the operators of cruise ships are only on the high seas with fully vaccinated passengers and crews whose defenses against the virus are weakening, it can be assumed that there will be further outbreaks on the ships when the number of new infections in the USA is rising.

So what should cruise line operators do now? Only allow people with three or more vaccinations on the ship?


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