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December 16, 2021

These longer articles are becoming the norm at The COVID Blog because there is so much unfolding around the world so quickly.

California is once again under a statewide indoor mask mandate, starting yesterday, despite 65% of the state being “fully vaccinated.” We learned that the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) scrubs and manipulates the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) to hide the most egregious cases so to not cause alarm.

Somehow a 2-year-old boy was given a Pfizer mRNA injection in Alaska on November 18. The boy “began bleeding out of the mouth, eyes, nose and ears within six hours of the shot,” according to VAERS ID: 1887456. He died later that night. Mr. Albert Benavides, who goes by WelcomeTheEagle88 on Bitchute, captured the case data before it was scrubbed.

The case still does not appear in VAERS as of publishing if you search by the ID number.

Sam Amico, Senior NBA Writer for HoopsWire.com, tweeted on December 9 that the NBA has already equaled the entire 2020-21 season for the number of players and coaches to enter COVID protocols. The current season has spanned only 10 weeks so far. The NBA is 97% vaccinated.

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The NFL Cleveland Browns could possibly be without 17 players and their head coach this Sunday against the Las Vegas Raiders because said players and coach tested positive for COVID-19. The Browns reported on July 30 that all of their coaches and more than 90% of players were vaccinated.

Dennis Greenwood, Huntsville, Alabama

There are still numerous individual stories of vaxxed people dying and their families pretending to have no idea what happened to their loved ones. Mr. Dennis Greenwood of Huntsville, Alabama, could probably have his own story here. But these cases will become far more frequent in 2022 with the number of social media posts we’re seeing now that include the keywords “I got my booster.”

Mr. Greenwood, who is in his late 60s or early 70s, received his first mRNA injection on February 4. He received the second on March 4.

Mr. Greenwood got his booster shot on October 29.

He and his wife, Merry, boarded a cruise ship on or around November 22. Mr. Greenwood posted his last Facebook update from the cruise on December 13. He “died suddenly” hours later, according to Merry. She wrote in the announcement, “we are not sure of the cause.”

Of course none of the foregoing matters to vaxx zealots, as they’ll continue lining up for their first, second, third, fourth and twelfth booster shots. However, there are important happenings around the world that critical thinkers must know, understand and heed carefully.

Battle lines being drawn

Mainstream media are executing near-weekly campaigns conditioning vaxxed people to view the non-vaccinated as social lepers and personas non grata. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla called the non-vaccinated “criminals” and implied they should be prosecuted a few weeks ago. Last week, it was University of Bristol and mainstream media propaganda darling Stephan Lewandowsky calling the non-vaccinated “terrorists” who need to be “de-radicalized.” The beat goes on this week.

Anne McElvoy.

Anne McElvoy is a BBC presenter and Senior Editor at The Economist. Her December 15 article in The Evening Standard is entitled “The unvaccinated have become a lethal liability we can ill-afford.” It is yet another blatant call for forced injections and implied violence against the non-vaccinated. The entire article is summed up with the quotes below.

“We are not obliged to allow those who do not accept the need to protect others the same rights of association when the consequences of their actions are damaging. Until we put jabs in the same category as we did compulsory smallpox vaccination in the 19th century or the insistence on car seatbelts in the Eighties — both incursions into personal choices for the good of the wider community — we will continue to hamper our efforts to win the virus battle.”

The McElvoy article comes two weeks after Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, called for mandatory injections for all in the European Union. But there are still many voices of reason and freedom around the world. Ivan Vilibor Sinčić, a Croatian member of the European Parliament, elegantly responded to von der Leyen earlier this week.

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“These products are far, far, very far away from what was promised,” he said. Mr. Sinčić also repeated a very important point. There have been more deaths and adverse reactions to the COVID-19 injections in a year than all other vaccines combined in nearly 30 years.

Christine Anderson, a German member of the European Parliament, responded last week to Australia’s SOS call. She referred to the 2021 conditions in Australia as a totalitarian regime. “At no point in history have the people forcing others into compliance been the good guys,” she said. “The welfare of humanity has always been the alibi of tyrants.”

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Meanwhile, Dr. Peter McCullough sat down for three hours with podcaster Joe Rogan this week. Of course YouTube and Facebook censored the video almost immediately. Note that Facebook recently admitted in court documents related to a lawsuit filed by journalist John Stossel that its fact checks are just opinions. Dr. McCullough essentially broke down in three hours the who, what, when, where and why of the entire COVID-19 “plandemic.” The entire three-hour show is here. But the following is a few hard-hitting clips.

Rogan and Dr. McCullough specifically pointed to the pure evil of CNN doctor, Sanjay Gupta, who Rogan had on his show a few weeks prior. They referenced the appearance of Gupta and CNN’s Erica Hill, who is a mother of two, on children’s television show Sesame Street in November. The CNN duo encouraged 5-year-olds to get the mRNA injections.

We cannot emphasize this enough. It is the parents’ responsibility to protect their children in these surreal times.

Latest snapshot of young people dying “suddenly and unexpectedly”

This is unfortunately “normal” now. Again as a journalist, broadcaster and content marketer for over 25 years, this blogger has never seen anything like this pattern of young people dying “suddenly and unexpectedly” like in 2021. It’s unprecedented and we all know why. That said, here are some cases from the last three weeks, including one very-high profile one.

Two students die in one week at the same Cincinnati High School

Brock Vogel.

Brock Vogel passed away on Tuesday, December 7. The 17-year-old was a senior at Anderson High School in Cincinnati. He played football, baseball and was on the wrestling team. WLWT in Cincinnati describe it as a “sudden death.” Maclain Morency, another student at the school, said he was with Brock at wrestling practice the day before he passed. “Wow” is all Morency could really say.

Watch the WLWT report below.

Skylar Due was an 18-year-old senior at Anderson High School. Due “died unexpectedly” while sleeping on December 12, just five days after Brock.

Skylar Due.

Local news reports emphasized that Due was “LGBT,” a group that gets vaxxed at a 92% clip. Due was slated to graduate early, and loved “anything hair and makeup,” friends told local media.

Bailey Carr – 22, Pennsylvania

Bailey Carr, of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, “passed away unexpectedly” on December 2. He was a student at Arizona State University majoring in criminal justice, according to his Facebook page. Carr was a member of something called the “Gay Straight Alliance” at his high school. Again, with the 92% vaccination rate for LGBT, it’s reasonable to surmise he was vaxxed.

Juliana Rechten, 11, New Jersey

Juliana Rechten.

Note that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized the Pfizer mRNA injections for emergency use in kids ages 5 to 11 on October 29. Juliana Rechten, of Matawan, New Jersey, “passed away suddenly” on November 25, according to her obituary. The 11-year-old was a sixth grader at Matawan Aberdeen Middle School.

Matawan is in Monmouth County, which held a series of “vaccine clinics” for kids at elementary and middle schools in the weeks prior to Juliana’s death. All K-12 schools in New Jersey are under mask mandates per Governor Phil Murphy’s orders.

Daniel Perkins, 36, Albion Park, New South Wales (Australia)

Mr. Daniel Perkins.

Daniel Perkins worked his regular night shift and got home at sunrise to take his regular nap on Wednesday, December 8. The 36-year-old was supposed to pick up his twin, 8-year-old sons from school later that afternoon. But he never woke up. Mr. Perkins “died suddenly in his sleep,” according to News.com in Australia. He had “no signs of any illness.”

You literally cannot do anything in New South Wales without a vaccine passport. Nearly all professions require mRNA or viral vector DNA injections in the state as well. Draw your own conclusions from there. Mr. Perkins is also survived by his girlfriend of 21 years.

Mr. Demaryius Thomas.

Mainstream media quickly created a strange narrative around the death of former Denver Bronco Demaryius Thomas. The popular “Undisputed” morning sports on FS1 commenced the questionable narrative. Skip Bayless said something about Mr. Thomas suffering from seizures ever since a February 16, 2019 car accident in Denver. That became the full mainstream media narrative from that point forward. But it makes zero sense.

All reports said Mr. Thomas, 33, suffered only “minor injuries” from the accident. Further, Mr. Thomas played for both the New England Patriots and the New York Jets in the 2019-20 season. He also thanked God for another opportunity to play football on May 30, 2019 at a youth football camp.

The 2019-20 season was perhaps his worst as a professional football player. But it was not because of a car accident. It was because Mr. Thomas suffered a torn Achilles tendon on December 23, 2018. Even with today’s medical technology, it takes at least a year for NFL players to recover from that type of injury. Mr. Thomas announced his retirement from the NFL on July 28, 2021. Here is the key quote from his short retirement speech:

I’m so grateful for that and now I can move on. I’m happy, I’m healthy. And now I can try to find my next itch.”

Mr. Thomas passed away on December 9. The official story is he had a seizure in the shower at his Roswell, Georgia home. A cousin of his told the Associated Press that Mr. Thomas had been suffering seizures and other neurological disorders ever since the crash. Yet somehow, Mr. Thomas played NFL football in 2019 after the crash and declared he was healthy and happy just five months ago.

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The cousin said Mr. Thomas’ personal driver found him dead. He had a personal driver because of the seizures, according to the cousin. But the more logical reason he had a driver is because Mr. Thomas had his driver’s license taken away as part of his sentencing for the accident. Seizures are one of the most common adverse effects from the mRNA and viral vector DNA injections covered on this blog.

There’s no way mainstream media will ever admit Mr. Thomas died from mRNA-induced seizures. We already know that soccer players are having heart attacks and/or dying on the field of play almost daily in 2021. Soccer simply doesn’t resonate with most Americans. Granted it has become more popular in recent decades, particularly among young people. But just think about it – Americans call it soccer; the rest of the world calls it football.

If an American “football” player suffered that same fate, it would spook all NFL players and a lot of American fans. So this very flimsy narrative was created around Mr. Thomas instead.

Damned if you vaxx, damned if you don’t vaxx (Canada)

Mrs. Tiffany Guara.

Mrs. Tiffany Guara is a wife and mother of two from Calgary. She is apparently wealthy or at least more well-off than the average Canadian, based on some of her comments and Facebook history. Mrs. Guara is “fully-vaccinated” and believed that status was her ticket to freely travel internationally. She quickly learned that mRNA and viral vector DNA injections neither protect you from so-called COVID-19, nor from government tyranny.

The Guara family returned to Calgary from Cairo on December 4. Egypt is on a travel ban list in Canada due to so-called Omicron. She and the entire family had negative PCR tests (that cost them nearly $1,000 total) in both Cairo and Frankfurt, Germany before landing at Calgary International Airport. Border agents and public health officials interrogated the family about COVID, “vaccines” and everything else. They read her rights and said she was entitled to a lawyer.

Governments agents transported the family to the Westin Airport Hotel, which has been transformed into a COVID quarantine jail.

The Guara’s were greeted by people in Hazmat-looking outfits. Mrs. Guara and her family apparently spent four days in the facility, which she shot video from inside.

The family is now “quarantining” at their home for 14 days.

The story went viral because Canadian mainstream media covered it.

Several observers, particularly on social media, felt little sympathy for Mrs. Guara because of perceived petty complaints and her voluntary “vaccination.” For instance, she gripped about having no hair dryer and not being able to eat for two hours. But the moral of the story is simple – there’s no rhyme nor reason to receiving these injections. You’re doing it simply because someone told you to do it. There are no tangible benefits, including being free from dystopian rules while traveling.

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Meanwhile Rick Nicholls, a Member of the Ontario Provincial Parliament (Chatham-Kent) is using his platform to disseminate truth. He asked Ontario Minister of Health Christine Elliott earlier this month about the 86 stillbirths in the Waterloo (Ontario) area among vaccinated women from January 2021 to July 2021. In the years prior to 2021, the area averaged about one stillbirth every two months. Other members of the Ontario Parliament groaned and objected to his question about “vaccine” safety for pregnant women. Elliott responded with canned, scripted talking points.

Ontario government officials announced last week that it is cancelling plans to end “vaccine passports” in January. Instead the government is extending the program “indefinitely” and adding QR codes to show proof of vaccination. In other words, the government revealed that these are the new normal rules of life in Canada.

Not to belabor the point. But Australia and Canada are now competing for the COVID dystopia capital of the world. And their citizens are mostly unarmed. Same with Europe, as the conditions there continue spiraling towards full dystopia. The only thing saving individual U.S. states from the same fate is the Second Amendment, and the mere threat thereof, period. The courts are helping as well. But that one Constitutional right is likely to keep Arizona, Florida, Iowa, Texas and other states free from blatant COVID manipulation for the foreseeable future. But don’t let your guards down.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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