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The spokesman and former BBC presenter David Icke was a guest on the podcast of entrepreneur Jorn Luka, who had traveled to the UK for it. The episode was deleted from YouTube after half an hour. It wasn’t long before the media and fact checkers pounced on it.

That weekend, I spent nearly four hours professionally listening to conspiracy fanatic David Icke, recommended to me by Thierry Baudet. A few highlights: The coronavirus does not exist – there is also no virus. The world is ruled by omnipotent reptiles, tweeted fact checker Peter Burger.

The journalist Rudy Bouma from Nieuwsuur adds: “The conspiracy entrepreneur Jorn Luka spoke for almost four hours (!) With the conspiracy guru David Icke (suspended from Twitter because of Covid disinformation). He believes that we live in a pseudo-reality that was created by extraterrestrial reptiles. “

Complete control

It’s a well-known tactic: find one person’s most glaring statement and focus all your attention on it. But what else does Icke say? Last weekend he gave a speech at a freedom march on the Isle of Wight off the south coast of England.

Among other things, he warned people about the Great Reset. “You have to do what the government says. If you don’t do what the government says, you won’t get it, ”said Icke, referring to a future basic income that he has been writing about for decades.

That is the next step: a guaranteed basic income, total control. But to do that, you first have to destroy everything and deny people access to work and income. And that’s why they’re putting lockdowns in place, says Icke.


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