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December 6, 2021

Ms. Danielle Duduit.

WHEELERSBURG, OHIO — A 33-year-old wife, mother and occupational therapist is learning in real-time about the damage mRNA injections do to the human body. She’s also learning that doctors cannot and will not help her.

Ms. Danielle Duduit (aka Danielle Prater) told The COVID Blog that she received her first Pfizer mRNA injection on August 28. Three days later, she experienced shortness of breath, “shakiness” and a sensation like her throat was closing up. Chest pains, heart palpitation and numbness on the left side of her body followed thereafter. Ms. Duduit believed she had several heart attacks.

She reported on September 24 what she’d been experiencing in the month since the Pfizer mRNA injection. It included three trips to the emergency room, one trip to urgent care, one visit to her family doctor, and one to a cardiologist. She reported having to wear a heart monitor and feared that she was “going to die.” The ER doctors continually prescribed anxiety medication and essentially told Ms. Duduit that the adverse effects were all in her head.

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Ms. Duduit is now learning the truth about mRNA and viral vector DNA post-injection. She’s discovered 10 other people in her local area who suffered similar heart problems after the injections. She’s also starting to understand that the monopolized mainstream media, big tech, the CDC and Fauci censor all reports of adverse reactions to the injections.

Doctors beholden to Pfizer

Ms. Duduit went to another doctor on October 7. This time she was told that her thyroid gland is the reason for all her problems. But when she told the doctor that her cardiologist already diagnosed her with a vaxx-induced injury, the doctor grew silent and left the room. A nurse told Ms. Duduit that she’s seen many patients with similar vaxx-induced injuries. Ms. Duduit said doctors won’t admit their own errors since they are the ones telling people to get these injections.

Ms. Duduit is also mistaken in her belief that people only believe this is happening when it hits themselves or their families.

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She reported some good news on October 10, being symptom-free for a week. Ms. Duduit also suffered no permanent heart damage.

The COVID Blog reached out to Ms. Duduit last week to learn how she’s doing now. She made clear that she was not mandated by her employer to get the shots. “I got the first [injection] basically because I knew I’d eventually have to,” she said. “My family had all gotten it so I thought I’d be fine. Well obviously I wasn’t.”

Ms. Duduit’s employer did issue a mandate last week, but exempted her from the second shot because of the adverse effects from the first. There were a total of three doctors who acknowledged her vaxx-induced injuries. But when she asked them for a written exemption, they all said they never diagnosed her with vaxx-induced injuries and that her problems were caused by anxiety.

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“My cardiologist who diagnosed me with vaccine induced inflammation of the chest said he couldn’t give me an exemption because I didn’t have permanent damage. Like, ok,” she said. Ms. Duduit said she will not get the second injection. She’s also lost faith in the U.S. medical system.

“These doctors are protecting their licenses, not their patients,” she said.

Censorship is killing people

This blog is completely censored by Google now. Back in May, you could at least start typing “The COVID Blog” in their search bar, and the predictive searches would say “The COVID Blog Brian Wilkins,” “The COVID Blog website,” etc. But Google still did not show The COVID Blog in search results in May. Today nothing comes up at all, predictive or otherwise, in Google.

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Ms. Duduit is not some mindless, Fauci-worshiping liberal. She frequently posts about God on Facebook. Ms. Duduit also frequently posts support for police and Israel. That all said, she genuinely tried researching post-injection injuries, to no avail. The problem is that the masses believe the terms “web search” and “Google” are synonymous. They are not. Search “The COVID Blog” in any other search engine. Pictures of this blogger come up, as does the homepage link to the site, as the first result.

Perhaps Ms. Duduit can provide hope for those who’ve had adverse reactions. She appears to be improving. But the bottom line is, don’t get the second injection if the first one hurt you. Ms. Duduit had one final message for The COVID Blog readers:

I’m doing much better. I had been symptom-free since around mid October. But here lately I feel like I’m having flare ups with heart palpitations and aches in my chest. My message is don’t get [the shots]. I truly do not believe people are even getting the same doses of the same thing/medicine. I think some are basically getting nothing and others are getting the vaccine and those are the people who are hurting. We’re the test subjects.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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