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from Lucas Leiroz de Almeida
translation©: Andreas Ungerer

December 20, 2021, Global Research via InfoBrics
Once again, NATO is on the verge of unnecessarily increasing tensions in Eastern Europe for the sole purpose of confronting Russia. According to recent statements from some of their top officials, the military alliance plans to deploy its troops in Romania and Bulgaria to strengthen the current “security system” for Ukraine. In practice, this type of behavior leads to further heightening of polarization and division among the states in the region and undermines any striving for international peace and stability.

According to a recent one Report of the MIRRORS*, hat  NATO-SACEUR General Death of Wolters proposed the deployment of Western Alliance forces to Bulgaria and Romania. The reason for such a maneuver is the alleged need for Russia’s growing military presence on its western frontier. In essence, Tod Wolters suggests Romania and Bulgaria in the current one


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