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After weeks of heavy rain, a dam in the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia collapsed, sending a massive wall of water into populated areas. 

The dam in focus is the Igua dam, located near the city of Vitoria da Conquista in southern Bahia. It reportedly collapsed on Saturday evening and resulted in flooding of towns, including Itambe. Officials in the city warned people to evacuate immediately. 

A dam with a high volume of water has broken and a strong flash flood is expected to affect the municipality of Itambe in a few moments. All residents should evacuate from the banks of the river Verruga urgently,” said an Instagram post by the city. 

Local all-news radio network, BandNews FM, tweeted a video that shows the devastation in Itambe. 

Other areas have been affected by the flooding. 

Since early November, the Bahia state government said torrential rains had caused major floods across 72 cities and killed at least 18 people, with 4,000 households displaced. There was no word on how many people were displaced are killed in the latest flooding incident. 

“At this first moment, we’re acting to save people, to get people off the top of their houses, out of isolation, with boats,” Bahia Gov. Rui Costa said Sunday. He said first responders are distributing emergency aid to affected residents. 

Other towns in Bahia monitor the deteriorating situation as more heavy rains mean other dams in the state could be at risk of collapse. 


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