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UFO researcher Jean Ward from South Africa discovered in photos from NASA an apparently wrecked disk-shaped UFO on Mars that has left a kilometer-long dragging track in the ground. The photo was taken back in December 2006 from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter recorded.

Ward estimates the object to be around 12 to 15 meters in diameter. Whether it is actually a spaceship or has a natural origin has not yet been clarified.

Ward now hopes that the US space agency NASA will get to the bottom of the matter. is still completely open. In any case, the inclusion should fuel the discussion about the existence of extraterrestrial life. From Frank Schwede

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) reached the Red Planet on March 10, 2010. Together with Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Odyssey and Mars Express, four orbiters are currently in Mars orbit to send images to Earth.

The primary goal of the orbiters is to map the surface of Mars. The Reconnaissance Orbiter has the previously high-resolution camera on board, which achieves an improved horizontal image resolution of one meter per pixel, while the other orbiters only manage several meters per pixel.

However, due to the limited amount of data that can be transmitted to Earth, only selected parts of the planet can be recorded. The disk-shaped object was discovered in the southwest of the Candor Chasma region.

Candor Chasma is an area in the northern part of the Valles Marineris, a 3000 km long canyon system. The Valles Marineris is considered to be one of the largest rift systems in the solar system. As recently as the 1970s, researchers suspected strong erosion in this region from water released from permafrost.

However, scientists are still divided on the question of whether there actually is water on Mars, because temperatures on the red planet rarely exceed zero degrees, even at the equator. However, many researchers start from the theory that there was once water on Mars in the past.

Indications that there may be life on Mars, or perhaps once existed millions of years ago, could be the methane deposits found in the atmosphere by the Mars robot “Curiosity”.

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NASA chief scientist Jim Green also believes that there is life on Mars. Green stressed against that British Telegraphthat this is indeed revolutionary news that ushers in an entirely new line of thought. However, Green doubts that neither science nor mankind will be prepared for this news if that were true.Bones, spheres, figures and more: what about all the anomalous objects discovered on Mars?)

Atmosphere on Mars

Scientists believe that Mars lost much of its atmosphere at some point in the past. “Curiosity” also found out that oxygen is also present in the atmosphere, but that the proportion is subject to fluctuations.

According to this, the oxygen increases by up to 30 percent in the course of spring and summer and falls back to its normal value in autumn. In the measurement data, the researchers found indications that the concentration of argon and nitrogen also fluctuates seasonally.

Now the question arises as to where the oxygen comes from and, above all, where it disappears to. Melissa Trainer, planetary scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, says:

“We have a hard time explaining that. It has to be a chemical source that we don’t know yet. “

Discovered by Jean Ward in 2006, the disc is not the only strange object to have been discovered on the Red Planet in the recent past. Another relatively recent image by the Mars rover “Perseverance” from May 28, 2021 shows bright rod-shaped light that has disappeared on a second close-up image.

A contrast processing shows that the unusual light source is obviously not a camera effect that was initially assumed, but a solid body. After the recordings became known, it was assumed that a cylindrical spaceship was taking off from the Martian soil.

Another puzzle is a 16-minute soundtrack that the rover also sent to Earth in March. A strange scratching can be heard on the recording, as if someone were running a fingernail over a chalk board.Secret space programs: Ex-US marine claims to have been a member of a secret special unit on Mars)

Since then, NASA scientists have been trying to find out whether these are normal atmospheric noises, whether they come from the rover itself or are actually an indication of life.

A number of interesting recordings of “Curiosity” are circulating on YouTube. Among other things, they show bright points of light, some of which move at breakneck speed across Mars. Meteors, stars or satellites are the most common explanations, experts suspect that they are pixel errors.

Another interesting shot from “Curiosity” from 2017 shows a strange saucer-shaped object with reflective lights on the Martian floor, which is also believed to be a spaceship.

NASA never made a statement on this. A less spectacular theory is that these are parts of the robot itself that may have fallen off when it landed.

In the past, recordings have repeatedly surfaced on the Internet that give rise to the assumption that unusual things are happening on the red planet. However, a large part of the objects discovered in the pictures later turned out to be rocks or an optical illusion. (A time traveler in a coma about the colonization of Mars and the future of the earth (video))

Structures can often be seen that at first glance are reminiscent of buildings. Further south, Jean Ward also discovered a strange megalithic structure with blocks around 15 meters high, which he believes is a building that has collapsed.

Real artifacts or pareidolia

The sober fact is that there is a lot that can be interpreted in the recordings. Faces, people, objects. Recognizing the known in the unknown is what psychologists call pareidolia. In Greek, “Para” stands for false and eidolon for image, that is, a false image.

That is not to say that life on Mars is de facto excluded. Mars Study Director Dr. Janice Bishop from the SETI Institute is nevertheless in good spirits that the Mars robot “Perseverance” will soon find traces and clues to possible life forms and that the discoveries will be groundbreaking. Bishop:


“That could revolutionize our view of the habitability of Mars beneath its surface.

In addition to its photo mission, “Perseverance” should also keep an eye out for what is going on under the surface of the red planet. The robot also has a drill on board for this purpose.

Hopefully it will soon be clear whether the photo discovered by Jean Ward actually shows a crashed spaceship. In any case, Ward is convinced that the traces are not of natural origin and says:

“It looks like a disk-shaped spaceship or other object entered at a very low angle and crashed onto the surface of Mars, leaving this strange trail. (…) It looks like a disc that is partially raised on one side while it has been plowed into the ground. “

While many commentators consider the discovery to be sand dunes or space debris, other UFO researchers also speak of something significant and refer to the recording as a “great find” showing a crashed saucer-shaped object.

Alternatively, Ward also postulated that the strange stripe behind the peculiar shape could indicate “a ramp that leads into an underground entrance”.

Ward now hopes that NASA will investigate the object in the near future to finally clarify. But even if NASA gets to the bottom of the anomaly and it actually turns out that it is a spaceship, the question remains whether this information will then also reach the public.

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Sources: PublicDomain / Frank Schwede for PRAVDA TV on December 20, 2021

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