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The latest unbiased facts on the safety and effectiveness of Covid vaccines.

Please note : No medical advice; Patients are asked to consult a doctor.

Effectiveness of the Covid vaccine

Covid vaccines may have in 2021 several hundred thousand lives saved by weakening the effects of the spring (alpha), summer (delta) and early winter (also delta) waves of Covid. This can be easily seen by comparing countries with a high vaccination rate with countries with a low vaccination rate (z diagram below).

It is important that before the winter wave 2021/22 only about 20 to 50% of people in Western Europe and most US states had developed natural (i.e., acquired through infection) immunity to Covid. Latin America, parts of Africa (including South Africa) and parts of Asia (e.g. India) had about 50 to 80% develops a natural immunity. In some of these regions the flu is carried over already returned .

Much fewer Covid deaths in EU countries with high vaccination protection:


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