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Unfortunately, the lies of the Corona crisis had very long legs. Only through concerted reporting in the mainstream was it possible to maintain the panic for over two years on the basis of dubious statistics.

This virus was mainly spread via television screens. In the meantime, solid information comes from there, the pioneer in matters of clarification by international experts is the private broadcaster Servus TV. By Eva Maria Griese

It was only through the discretion of supposed television experts that the supposed savior vaccination could be administered to billions of people who were not fully informed about the dangers. They are all participating in a clinical trial for the rest of their hopefully long life, the outcome of which is highly uncertain. It may be called boosting until the doctor comes … (Blatant violations of the Nuremberg Code – even healthy people will lose their breath!)

With the start of the vaccination campaign, the pandemic of lies is entering its second round – but it is now on shaky legs. Even the favorite health expert on German talk shows, Karl Lauterbach, admits it publicly: https://traugott-ickeroth.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/Lauterbach-Impfschutz.mp4?_=1

“Vaccination cannot save us. We can’t vaccinate as quickly as the vaccination protection wears off … “

Oh – but the damage caused by the vaccination is very likely more lasting. The vaccination breakthroughs and side effects of the vaccinations are eagerly played down and those who have died from the vaccination are nonchalently added to the corona statistics – like heart attacks and victims of cancer or diabetes months before. Against the meanwhile rampant vaccination fatigue, the new mutant Omicron is brought into the field.

In their country of origin, South Africa, nobody understands why the alarm has already been sounded in the rest of the world, although at the time there were only very few sick people in Europe and the USA with undramatic courses and no fatalities. The discoverer of the virus urges calm and even the “Stern” reports about it.Philanthropists show their true colors – gain world domination through tyranny, eugenics and control)

“Nothing I’ve seen in this new variant justifies the extreme measures the UK government has taken in response.”

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In Austria, Servus-TV takes on the information obligation through medical education

The propaganda of ORF, ARD and ZDF as well as the leading print media is thoroughly refuted in the privately financed Servus TV by solid information from renowned experts. And only now, after more than two years of constant fire with maximum panic, is the chimera Corona finally caught up with reality.

The last part of the sensationally informative three-part Servus documentary “Corona – in search of the truth” allows international experts to have their say again

Unfortunately, at the very end of the more than two-hour broadcast, a Frenchman delivers the most interesting and probably most shocking information of the last two years.

The well-established and intrepid physician was for many years Chairman of the Commission for Infectious Diseases and Vice-President of the Expert Group on Vaccinations in Europe.

Dr. Christian Perronne is professor of infectious diseases at the teaching hospital of the University of Versailles Paris and was also president of the working group for drug approval for 15 years.A Billionaire Unpacks: The “Plan” – When Billions Die, The Tide Will Turn On The Vaccine Narrative)

Dr. Christian Perronne dismantles the entire official description of the Corona crisis in just a few minutes: “All medical guidelines have been violated”

“I was sure that I knew the truth because I knew what was happening in the field …”

“… I give my sources for everything I say”

“At the beginning I talked a lot with the media, now I’m banned from the most important media …

„,..all of their accomplices among the journalists, who have received a lot of money for supporting the government, do not have a single scientific argument … “

“They claim Perronne is a conspiracy theorist and he used to be good, but he’s lost a bit of his mind so I’m talking to alternative media …”

“So we identified the targets and immediately saw that there were possible treatments …”

“… one of the worst things in my long career was seeing officials and experts on TV saying the treatments weren’t working …”

“The only reproach I can make against the Swedish government is that they advised against hydroxychloroquine from the start …”

“In the countries where there was little or no vaccination, people are immune and no longer get sick ..”(Elimination in modern vaccinations of spike proteins and graphene oxide (video))

“I have always been a supporter of vaccinations, but in my opinion these are not vaccinations, they are experimental products that are illegally marketed …” “It is criminal to do something like this …” Contribution from min. 1.37


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Sources: PublicDomain / Eva Maria Griese for PRAVDA TV on December 28th, 2021

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