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Corona reporting continues to focus on Europe and the USA. ServusTV goes in search of the truth in countries where nothing or very little has been reported so far. For example to Africa, where the WHO had predicted mass extinction of unimaginable proportions. How did the pandemic measures affect people’s lives there? And: Prof. Martin Haditsch investigates questions about the correct corona strategy for children and visits vaccine victims in Austria.

Freedom Day was celebrated in Denmark, the Netherlands and England. The governments of these countries have partially lifted all corona measures, as have many states in the USA. But in late autumn 2021, e.g. in Austria, the pressure on unvaccinated people has increased significantly. First the 3G, then 2.5G and 2G regulations were ordered. This led to major protests among the population. Austria was the first country in Europe to impose a lockdown for unvaccinated people. A general compulsory vaccination for the entire population from the age of 12 will be enacted by law at the beginning of 2022. Is Vaccination the Only Key to Success? And what is the role of natural infection in the population? The aid organization AMREF supports the Flying Doctors in Africa. A ServusTV film team visits the work of the doctors on site in Kenya. What is the secret of many poor countries that record comparatively few corona deaths despite low medical resources? In addition, Prof. Martin Haditsch is investigating the question of whether the drug ivermectin, which has fallen into disrepute, is actually completely ineffective. Where is the controversial drug being treated and what is the experience of doctors with it? And there are new insights into the catastrophic course of the first wave in Italy. A senior WHO official released documents showing that Italy’s preparations for a pandemic were based on completely outdated plans. Statements that reveal massive failures in Italy’s health system. Furthermore: How do leading medical professionals rate the vaccination of children and adolescents? Which children are at risk of dying from Corona? And why do we learn so little about the vaccine victims in our society?

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