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The worldwide spread of the insidious coronavirus Covid-19 comes at a time that could not be more suitable from an ecological point of view – is it just a coincidence or is there a bigger plan behind it?

To make it clear in advance that Covid-19 is an experiment or targeted outbreak that has failed by some government, it makes little sense, since the virus, as you can see, makes no distinction between “friend” and “enemy”. But what if it was not humans but another “power” or species that caused it to restore the ecological balance on our planet?

Wouldn’t it be possible that an extraterrestrial species visited our earth a long time ago and maybe even “fathered” us humans? Our planet may also be a kind of “zoo” that was created by aliens and is home to many species from different worlds – in fact, some animal species have unusual genetic properties that cannot be explained evolutionarily.

Perhaps the “zoo keepers” are even those gods who are described in all ancient scriptures and traditions and named as creators of mankind. Then maybe we have been watched by aliens for thousands of years and it would make sense to step in and experiment now Homo sapiens to declare it to have failed and to end it, or at least to induce us to rethink immediately.

And what is the easiest way to do it without destroying nature or having to reveal yourself? Right, with a virus!

Your artificial virus would not only decimate the world population to an acceptable level, but also cause things to change in our minds, for example when we see the water in Venice suddenly become clean again or experience how the environmental pollution is so low like it hasn’t been for decades – and all because people stay at home and leave nature to nature.

In addition, it also has a positive effect on our soul, because we also reflect more on ourselves and our fellow human beings than on our job and other activities that had occupied us before.

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It would also explain the reported alien abductions and why they supposedly create hybrids already living among us. This new, modified human species could be immune to the virus and then populate the earth.

Since these hybrids no longer have our current primitive properties, they would lead the coming civilization into a new age without wars or environmental destruction.

That the earth could actually be under extraterrestrial control is not so absurd, for example, if one takes a closer look at the Tunguska event of June 30, 1908. At that time, a stone asteroid or comet with a diameter of 30 to 80 meters is said to have exploded in the sky at a height of about five to fourteen kilometers.

The force of this detonation knocked down around 60 million trees like matches over an area of ​​2,000 square kilometers, and the shock waves ran around the globe three times. Windows were still 65 kilometers away from the epicenter of the explosion and even 700 kilometers away the earth shook so strongly that train drivers believed their train was derailing.

Here, too, a catastrophe was only averted by the fact that the celestial body did not hit the earth, but exploded in the sky beforehand. And when you add the frequency of potentially dangerous meteors that have exploded in the sky in the last few years before they reached the surface of the earth – e.g. Chelyabinsk on February 15, 2013 – the question inevitably arises: Is that really all Just a lucky coincidence that none of them hit our planet for around 13,000 years and caused a catastrophe?

Wouldn’t it be possible that these aliens have deposited some high-tech facilities on our planet that, well hidden, eliminate any intruding danger from space.

They could be weapons that target any object that enters the earth’s atmosphere without authorization. These intruders are then shot down by means of an energy beam that is still unknown to us.

And could the meteorite explosions just above the surface of the earth in recent years – like that of Chelyabinsk – have been a warning from the aliens to our most powerful rulers to finally take consistent action against the negative environmental influences we have caused?

After all, they are said to have had contact with some alien species since the 1940s and were warned early on to change our behavior.

As a result of our increasingly polluting activities, our previous protectors could now see themselves forced to decimate us in order to restore the ecological balance on earth.

Because one thing should be clear, our earth has never been as bad as it is today due to human interference. Our oceans are contaminated with plastic and other environmental toxins, as is nature on land – there is hardly an animal, plant or even food in which traces of microplastics cannot be detected.

In addition, 30 football fields of rainforest are destroyed every minute worldwide, not only depriving the animal kingdom of important habitat, but also destroying the lungs of the earth.

Since the beginning of the industrial age, humans have changed the planet and caused it to tip over. The earth can no longer cope with the steadily increasing world population, the destruction of nature in order to guarantee energy resources, food, goods and waste disposal.

And since the governments have acted too squeamishly – if not negligently – with their previous environmental measures, maybe “someone” or “something” has intervened from outside to save this planet … and only the planet.

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But it would also be possible that not extraterrestrials, but a “universal law of nature” provide for regulation and eliminate “parasites” like us. In any case, the origin of the universe and the development of highly complex DNA and the animate of matter are a mystery.

Could it not be that the “universal law of nature” specifies a certain process and that we are now classified as harmful in this process? Or maybe we’re actually living in a simulation and now it’s game over.

Now these aliens, the simulation, or the “universal law of nature” might think that we have passed the critical point and that we need to be wiped out in order to save the planet.

At least we have been experiencing unprecedented levels of natural disasters for 10 years and are plagued by record-breaking floods, droughts, epidemics, hurricanes and fire infernos, from which around 2 billion people have already suffered and some are still suffering from the consequences.

© Fernando Calvo for terra-mystica.jimdofree.com am 05.01.2022

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