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How much the Austrian state radio differs in its reporting from private television broadcasters, this example shows more than clearly on one and the same event.

The perspective of a demo couldn’t be more different. And that, although both camera teams were only a few meters apart on the same wall of the Salzburg Chiemseehof. By Eva Maria Griese

The setting is the Chiemseehof in the provincial capital of Salzburg. On December 1, 2021, a nationwide “warning strike” was called in front of the seat of all state governments. Thousands across Austria responded to the call.

For days, the sword of Damocles hangs over Austria’s citizens, a compulsory vaccination that has been played down as a compulsory vaccination. That was even too much of a supposedly good thing for many people who had already been vaccinated. Austria is thus in line with North Korea in terms of health policy. The vaccinated opens up to you … (Philanthropists show their true colors – gain world domination through tyranny, eugenics and control)

“What you are doing is dictatorship! We defend ourselves and remain stubborn! “

What you are doing is fraud, and now we have enough! “

I was right in the middle of it with a poster with the above protest, cast in rhymes, and not just there. This time the vaccinated were on the road together with the unvaccinated, even if, according to published opinion, these are now exactly those to whom they owe the pandemic.

The common threat suddenly became the cement for a rift that, through blame from the highest authority, is now running right through society – and even worse – through many families.

The mood of the demonstrators was quite cheerful in the face of hundreds of fellow campaigners and the local proximity to the center of power created something like a we-feeling … The realization that there are many gives a great feeling and lets the previous impotence shrink with each demo . “We are the people” (Corona will go down in history as a pandemic of lies – vaccination as a field test with all of humanity!)

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Governor Wilfried Haslauer had not recognized the moment.

Instead of taking the concerns of the people of Salzburg seriously and having a soothing conversation with them, the entire state government had fled and outsourced its meeting to the exhibition center.

The last open window on the first floor – just behind the two television crews – was hastily closed to avoid the noise the infantry made with drums and whistles to make themselves heard.

In the absence of an official speaker, I then took the courage myself to borrow the loudspeaker I had brought with me and spontaneously vent my fears for the future of Austria. That spurred others on too.

A doctor shared her concerns and a recovered person shared his experience with Corona. The applause was the reward of fear for all of us. We, the people, raise our voices, we are not afraid of you.

The ORF team must have been afraid, however, because they found an “extremely heated mood” …

How dangerous the citizens are was also conveyed by the clever perspective of the camera images. Between the broad shoulders of two policemen, the camera targeted the supposedly angry crowd.

A laughing young man in the picture contradicts the statement of the spokeswoman “… the atmosphere is tense, police forces are being called upon …” in the same second.A Billionaire Unpacks: The “Plan” – When Billions Die, The Tide Will Turn On The Vaccine Narrative)

Just wonderful how short the legs of some lies are …

“How the demonstrators got into the inner courtyard is still unclear ..” That sounds like a criminal offense. We were just kept waiting in front of closed doors for a while. Meanwhile, someone wrote our demands on the iron gate in chalk. Then someone from the FPÖ opened the gate for us and we walked in peacefully.

But just get an idea of ​​the dramatic situation on site for yourself …

Here is the short ORF Salzburg today report in the video: https://t.me/evamariagriese/3850

The reporting of the private broadcaster OE24 is completely different – the broadcaster first broadcasts live and then puts the video online.

Wherever there is something going on, you will find OE24 reporter Mike Vogl with a microphone and camera. In the Chiemseehof, he lets his camera run without bias. Then suddenly he gives me the great opportunity to express myself in detail in an interview about my concerns and also my dissatisfaction.

Without interruption. Thanks for that! 64,000 viewers from all over the world have already viewed the video on YouTube. And among them there are over 500 very nice and positive comments, which among other things also appreciate the fact that the reports were completely calm.

Interview OE24

Anyone looking for information on ORF gets to see exactly what ORF has made of reality as a fee-financed state broadcaster.

It’s not for nothing that OE24 is a red flag for ORF. Owner Wolfgang Fellner clearly shows the direction of his station again and again, but in contrast to state television, absolutely everyone has their say here.

Be it from the left or from the right spectrum, everyone gets their chance to express themselves uncensored. The duel between Josef Cap from the SPÖ and the conservative former Freedom Party Peter Westenthaler has become legendary. For a real duel, they are often of the same opinion, but this usually coincides with that of many viewers who have not yet sacrificed their common sense to the state’s sovereignty.

Omicron is harmless and could even help us out of the pandemic!

Many a mainstream journalist could learn from Peter Westenthaler how to do solid research and how to interpret statistics correctly. And that our fundamental rights are sacrosanct. Visual lessons every Wednesday at around 10 p.m. on OE24.

The people in Austria and also the peoples worldwide no longer accept this humiliation and take their fate into their own hands.

And millions of them take to the streets in almost all large cities. At demos you always meet many good-humored like-minded people…. “We are the people” ! We are many – we can no longer be divided.

And in times of social distancing and lockdowns, the protests of the walkers may even develop into a kind of dating site. This great awakening of humanity can no longer be stopped.(Elimination in modern vaccinations of spike proteins and graphene oxide (video))

The revolution has long since begun and law and order must be restored!

And it doesn’t matter whether ORF reports on it or not. The revolution from below is taking place!

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Sources: PublicDomain / Eva Maria Griese for PRAVDA TV on January 1st, 2022

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