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A young New Zealander experienced severe side effects from the first dose of Pfizer’s “vaccine”. Heartbreaking video documentation makes their limitations clear.

A young woman in her early twenties. He is in a wheelchair. He has severe spastic disorders. Your head contracts first one way, then the other. His hands, clenched into fists, beat continuously. Six months ago Casey Hodgkinson from New Zealand was fine.

I met friends, sang, danced, exuded joie de vivre. Then, in September 2021, she got vaccinated against Covid. Everything has changed since then.

Casey is now sitting in front of the camera and gives an interview to Liz Gunn, a former New Zealand television presenter. “I loved my job,” says Casey. “When the pressure increased and the company advised us to get vaccinated, I took this step.”

So she went to the local pharmacy in September. “I told the pharmacist that I’m generally sensitive. For example, I have very sensitive skin and I have already reacted to drugs “.

The pharmacist reacted with concern, Casey continues: “But I wasn’t worried, because people always said the vaccination was safe.” The pharmacist was obviously far from comfortable: he had Casey sign a statement that he was entirely responsible for any “side effects” of the vaccine.

The young woman signed. And I got the Pfizer vaccine. What followed was probably the worst time of his life …

After the vaccination, Casey went home. About an hour later, his limbs suddenly felt heavy and increasingly numb. “At first I thought it was a brief allergic reaction like many people have after vaccination.” The next day, the numbness was accompanied by spastic reactions: “My muscles want to go in a certain direction,” Casey explains his contractions.Covid vaccination: the cardiologist discovers possible long-term consequences)

You still dragged yourself to work that day. On the third day after the vaccination, she contacted her supervisor because she could hardly walk or pick up anything. The superiors admitted that they were also aware of other cases in which equally serious side effects had occurred after the vaccination. Casey was sent home.

That was the last time, who talked to his bosses. “I haven’t heard from them since. You didn’t ask for me, ”the young woman confirms to Liz Gunn. However, he doesn’t want to mention the company name “out of fairness”: “I loved my job!”

Casey’s complaints got worse. On the fourth day after the vaccination, she went to the hospital: “There I was not taken seriously at all. They attributed my health problems to stress. And he smiled at me, even though I thought I was crazy when I put the vaccination on the line, ”Casey explains through tears.(Elimination in modern vaccinations of spike proteins and graphene oxide (video))

“At the time I was very happy, I had a great partner and a great job. I wasn’t stressed at all ”. Casey was told that he was not a doctor and that he had no medical understanding of the problems.

Casey had to investigate stay in the hospital overnight. Her friend was not allowed to visit her: “I was not even allowed to call him. I was left completely alone and put under psychological pressure by the doctors ».

Only the nurses were nice to her. Eventually the doctors gave her drugs for schizophrenia. “It made me feel dizzy and weaker.”

Casey is home now. But as a victim of vaccine damage, she is not helped. The young woman is in constant pain and numbness. He can barely walk, has spastic disorders in his body and voice. In addition, he suffers from sudden abandonment and can no longer move. His head is constantly heated and he feels constant pressure or headache.

He must regularly put on ice to cool his head. He also does breathing exercises to be able to center himself completely. How it will go on for Casey is unclear. But she remains strong: “I also fight for myself and for the others out there!”


Paralysis after the first vaccination

A family doctor treated a young woman from the canton of Friborg for symptoms of paralysis and was attacked.

“In addition to AIDS and cancer, the alleged wonder drug should now also protect against the coronavirus, here too there is no evidence whatsoever ». We are talking about chlorine dioxide – CDL -, which a family doctor from the canton of Friborg would have administered to a patient who was treated for health problems after the first vaccination against Covid. Like this reported SRF on December 23

In the SRF-The article is not about neutral reporting, however, but on the devaluation of the aforementioned family doctor. But from the start.

The young patient suffered from paralysis symptoms after the first vaccination in November. Her family doctor was on vacation, so she was referred to the emergency doctor on duty, SC, for treatment.

He told the patient that he was “happy” to be “not in a wheelchair or dead”. In the article by SRF the claim is cast in a bad light. However, the cases of vaccination victims show that the family doctor’s statement can be well justified (see e.g. this story).

To treat vaccine damage SC gave the patient said chlorine dioxide. “The patient went home and took the drug without looking closely,” he writes SRF. According to Swissmedic, however, the distribution of the drug is prohibited in Switzerland.

The “side effects disappeared after about three weeks”, it says in the report. Self CDL contributed to the healing is not known. Interestingly, the patient recovered after taking it, but always.

SRF cites cantonal doctor Thomas Plattner, who have now initiated an investigation against SC. He was “annoyed” that the doctor “actively advised against vaccination,” he says SRF. This is despite the fact that the patient came to her for treatment due to vaccine injury.

Instead of questioning the harm of the vaccine, points out SRF I prefer the fact that the young woman has now also been given the second vaccination. It is said that it no longer had side effects. On the other hand, the patient who wants to remain anonymous is not (anymore) mentioned.


Remarks Crown transition:

Regarding the statement initially cited by SRF, that there is no evidence of the effectiveness of CDL against Covid are present, it is necessary to refer to several studies that come to a different conclusion. There are several studies on the website of the German biophysicist Andreas Kalcker connectedwhich suggest the effectiveness of chlorine dioxide. Kalcker is considered controversial. In any case, its search results are remarkable.

Once again he leaves SRF, like most major media, only vaccination advocates have a say and support them in their statements. Criticized family doctor SC does not have the opportunity to comment on the allegations in the report. The fact that the young patient suffered from paralysis after the first vaccination is not at all disputed. It is precisely this that should cause concern and be questioned and investigated journalistically.

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