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We would never have believed that an action text like that of Gene Sharp, used as a manual to trigger the Arab springs, could prove to be very useful and appropriate even in our day and in our country. How to overthrow a regime. From dictatorship to democracy it was a dangerous book for many regimes, a picklock used by the Deep State to destabilize those states unwelcome to Washington as they would not respect human rights and the principles of democracy and freedom! Who could have ever imagined that Sauron’s ring could become a threat to the very realm of Mordor in which it was made? The Italian version ofaction book Sharp opens with three pretexts that admirably summarize the very essence of the work:


“It was said: the Arab masses will never rebel. But it was just a stereotype. These riots teach us that rebelling is possible. ” Gene Sharp, “La Repubblica”, February 17, 2011.


“On certain principles, no compromise is acceptable.”
“There are men in the world who rule by deceit. They don’t realize their own mental confusion. As soon as their subjects notice it, the deceptions no longer work. ” Liu Ji, from a 14th century Chinese parable.

– mockery of regime officials
– marches, parades, motorized parades
– boycott by consumers
– generalized personal non-cooperation
– total withdrawal of bank deposits
– civil disobedience against illegitimate laws


“Why is it that those who are animated by the idea of ​​freeing their people so rarely focus on designing a useful strategy to achieve this goal?”
“The basic notion is simple: if enough subordinates refuse to cooperate long enough and despite the repression, the oppressive system will weaken to the point of collapse.”
“Come together. Strengthen the weak among you. Organize yourself in groups. And you will win. “ Charles Stewart Parnell (1846-1891), Irish MP, led agitation and strikes to gain his country’s independence from the British Empire.

If with Sharp’s manual it was possible to bring down the Arab regimes, then we could be sure that with the same strategies even the less brilliant will be able to destabilize a regime imposed by a man in the pay of international finance, appointed head of the government by who he should have been the guarantor of democratic and constitutional principles, without ever having passed through free elections, as one would like in a democratic state worthy of the name. Democracy has been outraged and disfigured, assuming the sad appearance of a totalitarian democracy, that is, a totalitarianism covered with a demagogic crust of freedom on demand which can no longer even cover the shameful actions of a ruthless and proud government, aimed at obstinately pursuing the diabolical plans of its masters, who even get off their hyperuranium to meet their puppets in their own buildings!

When the people realize the inconsistencies and unreliability of their rulers, who seem to play with the lives of others without getting too much trouble, then the Power creaks fear, even hitting a private citizen who sits in Piazza del Daspo with a Daspo. People, waiting for answers from a government, which does not give answers, because the despots do not speak but simply rule by decree law or by DPCM with the shocking consent of those who should not ratify certain acts.

In this context, according to Gene Sharp, the mockery of regime officials is one of the first useful tools to slowly but meticulously undermine their authority, which is already feeble in itself due to their mediocrity, because servants, as we know, are always mediocre people blinded by power. From a creative and artistic country, after the blockade of truckers and the perennial demonstrations of the people in the Italian squares, we can expect something more. Excögĭtāre aude, Italy!

What about the NO TAX DAY proposed by Berlusconi a few years ago? How could a government without any monetary sovereignty sustain itself without taxes? Didn’t the American colonists win the revolution thanks to the application of the famous NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION? However, they didn’t have to deal with digital currencies!

When, in fact, theEuro digital (ECBDC – European Central Bank Digital Currency) will supplant cash, then nothing could hinder the establishment of a Soviet-style regime (the USSR), which, under the banner of a perverse TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, thanks to a single click could instantly and without warning reduce the balance of the state pocket money and, finally, eliminate what would remain of private property.

Think how nice: you will not own anything, you will no longer have privacy (every transaction will be controlled) and you will be happy!

As you read, you may be wondering what you could do right now. One suggestion, or rather two: 1) Be aware of your rights; 2) help others do the same. Share this article with at least three people and you will begin to see some small changes around you already.

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