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Americans are putting President Joe Biden’s dismal economic performance in his first months in office on a level not seen by a first-term president since Jimmy Carter.

Carter sported a negative eight-point approval rating on his handling of the economy in a January 1978 CBS News/New York Times poll cited by CNN. That means polling showed those disapproving of Carter’s performance were eight percentage points higher than those approving of what Carter was doing.

The Consumer Price Index inflation calculator shows that at the time, inflation was at 6.8 percent.

If the number looks familiar, that’s because it comes close to the current rate of inflation in Joe Biden’s America.


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And, much like under Carter, Americans are not pleased.

In a CNN/SSRS poll, Biden has a negative nine-point approval rating. CNN noted that with other polls factored in, Biden averages a negative 13-point approval rating on the economy.

For context, the presidential average at this point in a term is plus five points.

The rating of former President Donald Trump, measured in December 2017, was a negative four points, coming at a time when the now-disproven claims of collusion with Russia were dominating the news.


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Biden’s ratings are even worse among small business owners, according to CNBC.

A recent survey showed only 34 percent of small business owners approve of Biden’s performance.

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Gallup senior editor Jeff Jones told CNBC that Americans might see inflation in the context of other issues.

“We don’t know if inflation is hurting more than Afghanistan, but it all feeds a narrative of a not very competent administration,” Jones said.

“It has not rebounded and inflation is a bigger issue.”

“Inflation, and related to that, gas prices, those are things people notice, that affect them directly, and historically it is hard for a president to have a good approval rating when gas prices are high,” Jones said.

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