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We are again at Christmas. Not that it impresses me anymore.

I have long understood that events repeat themselves. Of course they change and change but the substance remains the same. God … not quite the same. This Christmas will surely go down in history, for having managed in the most beautiful party of the year, to divide people into two categories: good and bad or bad and good depending on which side you are on.

Relatives, friends, brothers, it doesn’t matter. On the one hand the one and the other on the other. This is how our rulers decided who evidently know perfectly our emotional ties, understand their relationships, unions, stories, moments of joy and those of sadness and consequently have their health at heart.

I find it annoying that someone tells me who I should be with and who I shouldn’t be with.

I find it even more troubling that people rely on government advice in this case and don’t listen to their hearts. I don’t want to pass for a sentimental old man but it is certain that until proven otherwise in life, at least in the affections, I have always decided what to do.

But do we really want to let these who govern us choose who to stay with at Christmas and who not to be with? We really want to ask brothers, mothers, fathers, sisters, nephews, children, etc. for “tampons”. to be able to be together at Christmas? When during the week do we pile up on trams, buses, metro trains and whatnot to go to work at school or on the go? Well you say, to get on the vehicles and pile up like beasts now you need the GP, or rather the Super GP.

You are right. In the face of so much certainty and security, so much conviction and dedication to government directives, I surrender. I’ll make Christmas by myself. After all, over the years, having lost a lot of family affections and having also left friends / who along with other things on the street, I would say that it will not hurt me more than many other situations that have hurt me in life.

But I would like to know one thing from all those who, with self-denial, will hole up in their aseptic homes, keeping children, close relatives and friends outside their walls: isn’t it that you feel a little lonely? Is it not that there is the slightest doubt that they are separating you from the dearest affections and that since life is not eternal, at least this one, you are missing pieces of soul, heart and vital time that runs faster than Usain Bolt?

I ask you because having made the leap into the dark you made, at first it must have seemed like a walk. A responsible gesture. Or as Mattarella says: “a leap of faith”Now confusing religion with science. And now it is not that in the darkness in which you are groping, in your soul, you do not feel you do not perceive signals that invite you to think that something is not working?

When and I speak to you women, did you slip into the arms or bed of the first one you met, often without knowing anything about him, what did you think? To die of some terrible disease? To find yourself with your throat cut? Did you go away and ran away at breakneck speed asking for help? No.

Most of you let yourself be overwhelmed by passion, forgetting all the scientific information acquired and you let yourself be guided by only one thing: instinct.

The same is true for us men as well. When we met someone in our life that we liked, even if it was the first time we saw her, we ran away in terror of some terrible disease, or we closed the door of the house behind us to make love with. she? What did we think? To die? Not to wake up the next morning? No.

Most of us have let themselves be overwhelmed by passion, forgetting all the scientific information acquired and have been guided by only one thing: instinct.

All these passions, all these moments, all this time together, the children made, the farewells, the regrets, the returns, the abandonments, this whole life of which we have always been masters, in which we have always put everything we had inside our soul and inside our heart, now in an instant it seems to have become a choice made up of precise rules, dictated by a group of people who say they want our good. As if when the eyes of a girl and a boy meet, by law they have to ask our “wise” rulers, if what they feel inside is right or wrong.

Do you really want to delegate your soul, your heart, your feelings to four people locked in a room? Do you want them to decide on your thinking? About your passions? On the beats of your heart? Where is it that you have lost your soul, your instinct? When did you slip into this black hole where most of you pretend to feel good but what’s left of your inner self suggests that something is wrong?

I believe that all together this Christmas, the greatest act of rebellion we can do, the greatest heroic act we must do to take back our souls and our hearts, is to spend the holidays with who we want and how we want. Without distinctions of any kind, without any fear because only in this way will we be able to take back our life.

It is not a difficult thing, just let yourself be guided by instinct as we did until yesterday.

Looking back in time it comes to mind when the whole world, without really any distinction or fear, came together to help those in difficulty, those who were ill, those who needed another more. I leave you a song, because the power of music is indisputable and, as the late Bob Marley said: “The great thing about music is that when it hits you, you don’t feel pain”.

I chose this version with the original subtitles, but it is easy for anyone to understand the meaning. Reading them will make you think a lot about how we were and how we have become.


Happy Christmas everyone.

Bruno Marro




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