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from Vigilant Citizen:

The year 2021 was a turbulent one. And, for the second year in a row, it was mostly defined by a lingering pandemic that’s attempting to bring about a “new normal”. I personally tried to stay away from this topic because, for one, I’m sick and tired of hearing about it, let alone writing about it. Also, for a while, it seemed as if we were moving away from this nightmare.

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However, every time people start demanding for their rights and freedoms to be restored, a new variant appears. At the end of summer, the Delta variant appeared and justified the masking of children who were going back to school. Also, it justified a new and highly controversial measure: The vaccine passport.

In April 2020, I published an article about Bill Gates casually indicating on Reddit that a “digital certificate” would be used to identify those who received the COVID-19 vaccine. That was months before these vaccines even existed. His answer was received with horror and many immediately called his idea the Mark of the Beast.

Fast forward to 2021: The passport has been implemented throughout the world. Nearly everywhere, this measure was met with resistance, protests, and even riots. The powers that be attempted to calm the public by stating that this measure was only temporary.

When Delta began to subside, there were calls to remove the passport and mandatory masks. It was time to “live with the virus”. People were ready to enjoy the holidays, as we did a couple of years ago. Then came another variant.

PRC 214127975 e1639785503518 Christmas Is NOT Cancelled: My 2021 Holiday Message

On December 8th, the 50-foot Christmas tree in front of the Fox News HQ was set on fire by a homeless man who claimed he didn’t do it. This bizarre event aptly foreshadowed what would happen in the following weeks.

Right when people were getting into the holiday spirit, a new variant came along. And the COVID marketing department decided that this thing needed an ominous name. Variants are usually named following the Greek alphabet so this new one was supposed to be called Nu. However, the marketing department concluded that Nu was “confusing”. Also, they decided to skip the next letter (Xi) because, I’m guessing, the WHO did not want to hurt the feelings of Xi Ping, China’s dictator (China is one of the main funding sources of the WHO).

So they went straight to the letter Omicron. The marketing department was pleased with this evil-sounding name. That’s the energy they wanted to convey for this holiday season. Weird fact: Omicron originates from the Phoenician letter ayin which means “eye”. The symbol representing Delta is a triangle. The combination of the two = the ultimate symbol of the occult elite.

Then started the media blitz. Holiday fun and festivities were banned everywhere. Mass media decided instead to focus on death, illness, and despair. Not only that, mass media and all elite government bodies came together to spread one message: Cancel Christmas.

2021 12 22 19 20 47 COVID Better to cancel Christmas events than grieve later warns WHO chief amid Christmas Is NOT Cancelled: My 2021 Holiday Message

One of the countless headlines that were spammed across the world in the past weeks.

So a non-elected, global organization is telling the entire world to cancel Christmas. Is this normal? Is this a NEW normal? Furthermore, local governments now seem much more concerned with managing our family lives instead of managing the health system they are paid to manage.

3 e1639786627156 Christmas Is NOT Cancelled: My 2021 Holiday Message

Straight out of a dystopian movie.

What’s strange about all of this hysteria is that nearly all scientific data about Omicron is “positive”.

The variant was first detected in South Africa where it spread exponentially. Then, it only took a few weeks for cases to drop sharply. During that time, scientists observed that the symptoms were mild, hospitalizations remained stable and, more importantly, there were next to no deaths.

And there’s even better news: Most pandemics throughout history fizzled out by mutating into more contagious but weaker variants. As the virus attempts to reach more hosts it also becomes much less deadly. Communities eventually develop herd immunity (a term that was banned from our vocabulary) and the pandemic eventually goes away.

With that being said, mass media pundits selected to ignore all of these facts. Instead, they focus on fear, division, gas-lighting, and a sick obsession with canceling Christmas.

Why do they refuse to give people hope? Why is there a clear focus on souring Christmas around the world? Because mass media is compromised. It is a cesspit of toxicity that aims to debase and demoralize the world.

The Vigilant Citizen is all about exposing this racket.

To understand what is happening in the world, we must first understand the mindset of the elite that controls it. By analyzing the agendas and the symbolism in mass media, I’ve attempted, this year again, to expose the full extent of its insanity. When one understands that these people are all-out Satanists (the real, child molesting ones), this obsession with ruining Christmas takes on a whole other dimension.

Think back at the biggest and most influential pop culture phenomenons of the past year. All occult elite madness. The biggest music video of the year? All about bowing down to Satan himself.

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