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Housing prices in China are in free fall as the China Evergrande group defaults and its shares drop by 90%.

Evergrande is embedded across China’s financial system as Bloomberg Intelligence reported, “State-owned developers may be forced to take over some Evergrande projects next year to ensure homes are delivered to their buyers…”

If the 21st-century belongs to the Chinese as the Rockefeller Foundation and a slew of anti-American think tanks intended…

It will be one of economic global collapse.

In the words of Jimmy Chang, chief investment officer at Rockefeller Global Family Office, “has $300 billion in outstanding debt. There is a contagion issue if China Evergrande is not resolved. I think it will end up having some deep-pocketed state-owned enterprises to take over.”

China’s economy, once the globalist golden child, has recently been described by the World Bank as “high growth based on resource-intensive manufacturing, exports, and low-paid labor that has largely reached its limits and has led to economic, social, and environmental imbalances…”

It’s a low-paid labor class that includes modern-day slavery relying on slavery that inevitably leads to a Civil and/or World War.


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