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Just one day after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lowered its Covid quarantine guidance from 10 days to 5 days + 5 days of masking while equating the unboosted with the great dirty unvaxxed masses, the agency made a ‘substantial revision’ to how prevalent the mild Omicron Covid-19 strain is.

Instead of being responsible for 73% of sequenced infections for the week ending Dec. 20, Omicron has been revised downward to just 22.5% that same week – making its unbelievable spread from 3% the week before that… more believable.

For the next week, ending Dec. 25, Omicron accounted for an estimated 58.6% of sequenced US virus cases.

So, Omicron has grown from 3%, 22.5% and now 58.6% of all US cases during December as of the latest statistics, according to Bloomberg.

A CDC spokesperson said that additional data that came in caused the agency to reduce the earlier proportion of omicron. The agency is still seeing a steady increase in the incidence of the variant, the spokesperson said.

Omicron has swept through the U.S. since being detected in California on Dec. 1. In the region encompassing New York and New Jersey, for example, omicron accounts for an estimated 88% of cases, according to the CDC. But there are still some areas of the country where delta remains dominant, including some Midwestern states and New England, the model suggests. -Bloomberg

According to the CDC, an average of 206,577 Omicron cases are being recorded each day – levels not seen since last winter’s surge. 

That said, the effects of Covid have gone from debilitating Delta, to ‘feeling crappy for a few days,’ over the span of roughly three weeks.

Yet, because Omicron spreads incredibly fast – despite the fact that it’s far more mild – it risks overwhelming medical systems as those who are vulnerable to any bad cold – weather Omicron or RSV, if a large enough percentage of the ‘at-risk’ population is infected at once.


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