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December 25, 2021

Mr. Carlos Tejada.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA — A 49-year-old international reporter is dead, in a cut-and-dried story that spotlights mainstream media loyalty to big pharma.

Mr. Carlos Tejada was the deputy Asia editor for the New York Times. He worked for the Wall Street Journal as China news editor prior to that. In other words he was firmly entrenched as a mainstream media voice. Unfortunately that also means he was beholden to Pfizer, Moderna, masks, etc. It looks like that loyalty cost him his life.

As an international reporter who frequently travels, Mr. Tejada had to choose between quitting his job or receiving experimental mRNA or viral vector DNA injections. He chose the latter. Mr. Tejada posted an Instagram photo on July 5 holding a vaccine card while someone injected him. He captioned the photo with a bunch of mainstream media regurgitated talking points. But the entire post is summed up here:

“And our privilege gives us access to vaccines, like the J&J jab Nora and I got just this morning. I’m thankful for the scientists and the medical professionals who defended us against Covid, and for being able to protect my family.”

He and his wife received the formerly “one and done” Johnson & Johnson viral vector DNA injection that day in Wichita, Kansas. Mr. Tejada apparently suffered no immediate adverse effects from the injection, or he simply did not publicly talk about it. And then came the booster.

Very sudden death and aftermath

Mr. Tejada posted his final Instagram update on December 17. He received a Moderna mRNA injection for his booster shot, mixing it with the J&J adenovirus vector. Granted all of the injections are equally lethal. But we’re slowly collecting data that show very unfavorable outcomes when you mix brands.

Mr. Tejada captioned the photo with a quip about Omicron. His booster injection also continued a very disturbing global trend. He received the injection at Myeongdong (Catholic) Cathedral in Seoul.

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In perhaps the ultimate vaxx loyalty act, Mr. Tejada filled out paperwork that he couldn’t even read since it was written in Korean.

Mr. Tejada’s wife, Nora, logged into his Twitter account at 12:58 a.m. on December 18. “Carlos passed away last night of a heart attack,” she wrote. He died just hours after the injection.

The New York Times, Mr. Tejada’s former employer, wrote about his death on December 22. Of course said story completely omitted the fact that Mr. Tejada had a heart attack and died just hours after the Moderna “booster” injection. It was a golden opportunity for a real journalist at the newspaper to write about the undeniable cardiac issues associated with mRNA injections after losing one of their own. But the New York Times and all other mainstream media might as well admit that they are owned and operated by Pfizer, Moderna, et al.

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Mr. Tejada did his fair share of free advertising for big pharma and the overall dystopian COVID-19 agenda in the course of his work duties.

A GoFundMe page for Mr. Tejada’s family has already reached its $200,000 goal in four days. It is the largest GoFundMe we’ve covered on this blog in a year. Since Mr. Tejada was a journalist who failed in his duties to tell truth, and the GoFundMe has already reached its goal, we won’t be linking it here.

Mr. Tejada is survived by his wife and two children.

Boosters kill faster?

When 2021 commenced, this blogger literally took screenshots of people’s “I got my first shot,” “second dose completed,” etc. posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Every few days, we’d follow-up. There were far more deaths and maiming then we had the resources to cover. That same trend is happening now with boosters.

There are literally thousands of “I got my booster” posts on Twitter and Instagram every day, with many recipients expressing immediate buyer’s remorse.


We’ve now covered five booster shot deaths. Granted that is a very low sample size, and the average age of the victims is around 55. But the average length of time from booster injection to death is eight days when Mr. Tejada is included.

Meanwhile all those California college students who received two injections just to attend school this past fall are now stuck in an endless cycle of experimental injections. Both the California State University and University of California systems announced booster mandates for faculty and students returning for the spring 2022 semester. The schools are using the Omicron narrative to justify the mandates. Several of said schools are also starting the spring semester remotely, completely defeating the purpose of the first two injections all students and staff received.

This blogger predicts that by the end of 2022, booster shot #5 will be the norm. And the billions of people worldwide who played along with this COVID-19 dystopian agenda essentially have no choice but to continue receiving the shots. Congratulations to everyone who has stood their ground and remain a pure human being. It’s simply foolish to give in now and enter the injection matrix. If you’ve made it this far, then you’re doing something right.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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