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Brigette Macron, the first lady of France, is reportedly taking action to suppress rumors that she was actually born a male – rumors on which we first reported nearly one week ago.

The BBC quoted a lawyer for Mrs. Macron, who confirmed she is taking action.

A lawyer for Mrs Macron – who is the mother of three adult children from her first marriage – confirmed she is taking action.

“She has decided to initiate proceedings, it is in progress,” lawyer Jean Ennochi confirmed to the AFP news agency.

The rumors about the 68-year-old woman and mother have been spread by allegedly “far right” accounts on francophile social media. The BBC blamed “the QAnon Movement”, among other contributors, for spreading it.

The French press corps have reportedly traced the rumor to an article written on a far-right website by a woman going by Natacha Rey before finding wider circulation after being discussed on a popular YouTube channel. 

The conspiracy theory is circulating as France is gearing up for a presidential election in the spring 2022.

Of course, with so many other rumors spreading on “far-right” venues – including one particularly virulent rumor about the establishment moving to “fix” the upcoming vote to prevent a victory by the far-right  – one can’t help but wonder why Mrs. Macron is taking action on this.


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