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The truth is now emerging after the UK government rigged hospital stays and deaths to rule out recent data. In Scotland, between August and November 2021, more than 85% of deaths were among those who were vaccinated. The booster vaccinations only lead to an increase in COVID infections. There have been around 40,000 deaths after vaccination in the US, UK, and EU, but Omikron is mild. The UK government tampered with the data to blame the unvaccinated, but the vaccinated are the most at risk.

It was already clear from the first cases in South Africa and now also in the United Kingdom and the EU that the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus leads to mild disease courses and very few deaths, even “with COVID”. South African experts have even advised to end the manhunt and quarantine, as most infected people show no symptoms.

With the thousands of deaths and millions of injuries caused by the COVID vaccines worldwide, there is little difference between the decline in deaths in the least vaccinated and the most vaccinated countries.


(Average vaccination rate 21%)

Decrease in deaths since last peak:

  • Tanzania 100%
  • Nigeria 98%
  • Ethiopia 89%
  • Kenya 91%
  • Egypt 36%
  • S. Africa 92%
  • Pakistan 95%
  • Russia 18%

Average decrease in deaths in the 8 least vaccinated countries: 77%


(Average vaccination rate 88%)

Decrease in deaths since the last peak:

  • 90% woe
  • For 98%
  • Chile 89
  • Portugal 91%
  • Singapore 83%
  • Cambodia 94%
  • S. Korea 17%
  • Canada 98%

Average decrease in deaths in the 8 most vaccinated countries: 82%

Taking the 3 least vaccinated countries, their decrease in deaths from the previous high averaged 95%, while the 3 most vaccinated countries hit 92%.

With a vaccination rate four times higher than that of the least vaccinated countries, the 8 most vaccinated countries had only a 5% better decrease in deaths from their last peak. A measly result for vaccines, which caused nearly 2,000 deaths in the UK, 9,000 in the US and 31,000 in the EU.

Even the Lancet study showed that the vaccines did not work – as evidenced by the third vaccination and the talk about a fourth. I quote from the Lancet study:

“In the UK, secondary infection rates in household contacts exposed to unvaccinated index cases were found to be similar to household contacts exposed to unvaccinated index cases (25% for vaccinated and 23% for unvaccinated)”.


After the UK government hospitalizations and deaths manipulier has to rule out newer dates, the truth is now coming to light. This graph from Scotland for August to November 2021 shows over 85% of deaths among vaccinated people.

Here it is revealed how the government manipulated the data to accuse the unvaccinated: It turns out that the source of the statement “Of the Covid patients who have been treated in the intensive care unit in the past few months, the majority has – According to the latest data, almost 75 percent – chose not to get vaccinated. ”Data from May to July were. The data above (from Scotland from August to November) suggest exactly the opposite.

Further evidence of vaccine failure in the face of new infections comes from the United States, where one of the largest outbreaks of the new omicron variant to date is believed to have occurred at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. It is believed that almost all of the 930 cases in the past week can be traced back to this variant.

All of the confirmed Omicron cases in the Cornell University case have occurred in people who are fully vaccinated and some of them have occurred in people who also received a booster vaccination.

The booster is of course another vaccination in the hope that the third dose will do what the first two doses should do! And the new variant, “Omikron”?

Most of the omicron cases in the United States have occurred among those vaccinated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in an update dated Friday, 10/12/21. Most of the patients had mild symptoms.


Indeed, in the first cases in South Africa, it was clear that the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus leads to a mild disease with no noticeable symptoms and it:

“The illness is mild, the symptoms are sore muscles and tiredness for a day or two, during which one does not feel well. So far we have found that the infected have no loss of taste or smell. You may have a light cough. There are no noticeable symptoms. Some of the infected are currently being treated at home “

… says Angelique Coetzee, the chairwoman of the South African Medical Association. Indeed, the death rate in South Africa – deaths relative to the number of cases seen 10 days earlier – was at its lowest level since Covid began.

In the UK there have only been 12 deaths “with” omicron – in other words, no death “from” omicron!

The World Health Organization’s weekly epidemiological report dated December 7th shows that all 212 Omicron cases documented in eighteen European Union (EU) countries were either mild or asymptomatic.

The omicron variant seems to displace the delta variant everywhere, but with much milder symptoms, so that the omicron variant of COVID-19, according to the words of the South African doctor Omar Hamada, may give a natural immunity without causing a serious illness, as the Symptoms in South Africa have so far been more like a “mild cold”.

“If the infectivity is higher but the virulence or the severity is lower, this could actually be a good way to make people immune without necessarily having to rely on a vaccine that is not particularly effective,” said Hamada.


The booster vaccinations advertised by the governments are controversial among experts. “The boosters are a perfect way to influence our immune system in such a way that we are LESS able to react to this new variant,” said Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine.

“It’s like vaccinating anyone with a flu vaccine from three years ago and expecting them to get the current one [Grippestämme] works “.

A senior official from the World Health Organization (WHO) said there was “no evidence” that booster vaccination offered “greater protection” to healthy people. Dr. Mike Ryan, WHO Emergency Director, questioned the logic of some countries trying to produce more booster doses to vaccinate everyone over the age of 18.

“At the moment, to my knowledge, there is no evidence that refreshing the entire population inevitably provides greater protection for otherwise healthy people from hospitalization and death,” said Ryan.

France has even banned the Moderna booster.


As of October 1, when booster vaccinations began in the UK, 153,912 people had been vaccinated. On December 18, it was 904,598 – an increase of 487%.

The number of new infections was 34,752 on October 1 and 90,109 on December 18 – an increase of 159%. Since there is time between vaccination and infection, it is likely that the percentage increase in infections will match the previous increase in vaccinations. And that further surge will lead politicians to demand more vaccinations and ruinous closings, which in turn will lead to more infections and so on ad absurdum and ad infinitum.

worldindata.org compared the European countries that had vaccinated to the countries that had not and found that the difference in infections between them kept growing – from 19% more infections in the countries that had vaccinated, to 21%.

It is clear that there has been an increase in COVID infections (as in earlier times when the number of vaccinations was increased). This has been a worldwide pattern since vaccination programs began. The excuse (if there is one, given the horrific death toll) was that those who got sick weren’t as seriously ill as those who weren’t vaccinated. But, as we now know (see above), that too is nonsense.

The dire number of deaths and serious injuries among nurses, doctors, pilots and athletes around the world is unprecedented for any vaccine, let alone one that has proven so useless in preventing infection, contagion and death.


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