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After weeks and weeks in which the Italian government has defended the usefulness of the Green pass to the sword, raising it as a fundamental measure in the fight against Covid, here many are instead starting to understand the true nature of virtual certification, useless as well as discriminatory . On the other hand, to realize this, just raise your eyes and look beyond the borders, towards the other countries that have introduced similar measures. Like Finland and Norway, the first to admit the error in the face of the new surge in infections.

As told by Truth, in Finland the director general of the Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) Markku Tervahauta has anticipated the arrival of new restrictions that will also affect vaccinated citizens. Also explaining that the Green pass could soon be withdrawn as “dangerous”, given the low efficacy shown by the current anti-Covid vaccines against the Omicron variant: the virtual certificate makes those who, in reality, are not, feel safe and induces so to let your guard down at a time when, instead, you should double your attention.

A very topical one also in Norway, where the case of a company dinner held in Oslo and which has turned into a maxi-outbreak of Covid, with almost 200 people who have contracted the virus. 96% of those invited to the event had completed the vaccination cycle and all, before entering, had carried out a self-test. The experts intervened on the matter clarifying that “closed environments, long times, crowding and the need to speak aloud” end up favoring the contagion, in front of which the possession of the Green pass can little or nothing.

Finally, a push to virtual certificates came from the United States, where the Biden administration has decided to allocate funds to send 500 million quick self-tests to a portion of the population, including vaccinated citizens. All this while in Italy, ignoring what happens outside the borders, there is an increase in restrictions for those who have not received the administration (there is even talk of a possible curfew for the unvaccinated) and towards a third dose in a shorter time. short.

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