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During the 2020 racial inquisition, many large corporations threw themselves down the BLM flight of stairs in a show of stunned solidarity to brand the movement as the next major civil rights movement in America.

But what they got in return was an institutionalized, militarized, Soros beast of a Marxist army of democratic pawns that slit America’s throat.

Now the monster BLM Frankenstein he looted in the blink of an eye under the umbrella of vague misinformation is feeding on those same corporations as Soros’ Flash mobs morph into organized economic hit squads who unwittingly aid in the controlled collapse of the world. ‘economy.

And as civil society collapses (b Williams) and corporate bottom lines worsen, BLM’s support implodes out of purely financial sense.

In a recent letter, those companies begged Congress to put an end to the fighting and grab the epidemic plaguing their stores. Writing “Dear Speaker Pelosi, Leader Schumer, Leader McConnell and Leader McCarthy: Major retailers are concerned about the growing impact that organized retail crime is having on the communities we proudly serve, which is why we strongly support integrity, notification and bipartisan and bicameral equity. in online retail markets (INFORM) for consumer law.

The corporations have finally spoken. But is anyone really listening?

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