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With the passing of the weeks, and the daily persecution and marginalization of people who, appealing to article 32 of the Constitution, claim the right not to become guinea pigs of experimental gene sera, the atmosphere is getting hot enough to lead to fears that more and more bitter civil clashes may occur.

The first of these contrasts took place yesterday, Sunday 19 December, in Rome within the most exposed category in terms of compulsory vaccination. And he requested the intervention of the police to calm the spirits.

As reported by TGCOM24 “there was in fact a brawl during the assembly of theOrder of doctors in Rome. About fifty health workers interrupted the meeting, protesting against the obligatory nature of the vaccine and the suspension of unvaccinated health workers, which is carried out on the recommendation of the ASL. Insults and some shoving flew, between screams like “shame” and “mafia”. To restore order, police and carabinieri intervened on the spot ». Someone even shouted at the assembled doctors: “You have been bought.”

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This happened during the meeting held at the Pineta Hotel Palace. The Council interrupted the session when an anesthetist spoke on behalf of the ContiamoCi association, reading a statement and accusing the colleagues of the Order of not accepting the criticism and scientific confrontation on an experimental vaccine that “does not immunize”. The intervention took place on behalf of health workers and citizens of the association in the name of Constitutional rights and the right to work.

“We are here, today representing the ContiamoCi! Association, which counts thousands of members among health professionals and citizens and which was created to affirm the protection of constitutionally guaranteed rights, from the right to work to the right to freedom of therapeutic choice and transparency in ‘area of ​​scientific research’ thus begins the letter that was read during the meeting.

«The ContiamoCi! it does not make anti-vaccination propaganda. Some of us are voluntarily vaccinated, while others have been forced to do so. However, everyone has questioned the efficacy and safety of SAR-COV-2 vaccines, as every good doctor who acts according to science and conscience should do. All doctors, in this historical moment, are therefore called to make choices that entail enormous repercussions on a health, social and political level right now ».

«The ContiamoCi! wants to point out to every doctor that any clinical trial of vaccines provides by law an active surveillance phase of up to 5 years, especially when there is a vaccination obligation. Therefore, it strongly requests the OMCEO of Rome and its President to demand from AIFA and ISS, competent bodies and deputies for surveillance, to immediately institute Active Surveillance, in compliance with the most rigorous scientific methodology and current legislation ” .

«The ContiamoCI Association! strongly requests the OMCEO of Rome and its President to be promoters of a serious and transparent scientific debate, so far absent, on the frequency and severity of adverse phenomena, often not reported and underestimated, although also recognized by the AIFA ” at the bottom of the page the complete pdf of the press release.

This happens a few days after a heavy correspondence between the COSAP police union and the AIFA Medicines Agency, whose mailbox has been clogged with hundreds of requests for medical prescriptions for vaccines, in application to a anti-obligation strategy developed by the Bolzano lawyer Renate Holzeisen not only for agents but also for school and health workers, rescue volunteers and the armed forces: the main categories forced to be vaccinated in order to continue working.

“In the Order of Doctors there are professionals who do not pay the annual fee, but instead hurry up to suspend doctors who are not vaccinated“, Accuses one of the No Vax doctors present at the protest, a 50-year-old Roman who works in the San Camillo-Forlanini hospital. “For not being vaccinated I was demoted: now my job is to contact patients to make appointments for medical assistance”.

The phone call from Minister Speranza to the president of the Order

The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, heard by telephone the president of the Order of Doctors of Rome, Antonio Magi, after what happened. The minister expressed “support and solidarity” as well as “gratitude for the daily work done to protect the right to health”.

“When it happened, it is“ unacceptable and intolerable, in the times and in the ways ”, says the president of the National Federation of Medical Orders, Filippo Anelli. “Without prejudice to the disciplinary and judicial implications of some behaviors such as those seen today – he adds – the Orders will immediately start the procedure to detect unvaccinated doctors”.

Dr. Anelli has made himself known in recent times for defending the right of his colleagues to receive funding from Big Pharma thus creating those blatant conflicts of interest that have become particularly serious given the start of the vaccination campaign for children.

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TGCOM24 – Blitz of No Vax doctors at the Order’s assembly in Rome: insults and pushes, the police intervene



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