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Can compulsory vaccination stop the spread of the corona variants and prevent hospital admissions? A look at other countries and in Germany’s data gives a clear answer: No!

But the federal government is obviously not interested in that, as an answer to RT DE suggests.

In the vaccination strongholds of Portugal (90 percent) and Spain (81 percent), the corona incidence is scratching the 2,000 mark. Means: Around two out of a hundred residents had tested positive within a week. In Gibraltar, with a “vaccinated” and largely “boosted” population, this quota is now over 3,000.

Bremen currently stands out in Germany: Bremen was in the lead this week, not only with a population that was 85 percent vaccinated and almost 50 percent boosted. The incidence in the Hanseatic city also climbed to 1,200. It was a good four times higher than in the Free State of the Saxon “vaccination muffle”.

This raises questions: What are the vaccinations actually good for containing the pandemic? What can a compulsory vaccination realistically bring? However, the Federal Government does not address such questions.

“Morals” instead of facts

At the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG), these figures do not arouse any skepticism. One does not want to shake the compulsory vaccination for all employees in nursing and health professions. According to the government, the government wants to “better protect patients and those in need of care from a COVID-19 infection”.

That sounds morally good, but all data speak strictly against the fact that transmissions could be prevented with it. Some even speak for the exact opposite. It doesn’t matter: The BMG under Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) insists on its once announced justification.

Politicians as well as media makers are even hotly discussing and encouraging a general obligation to vaccinate – either for the entire population or from the age of 50, with or without a vaccination register.

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The unvaccinated would then face at least a complete permanent exclusion from all public life and from wage work, maybe even from all social services, although they pay for all of this with their taxes. The aim is to “protect the vulnerable groups”, the grandmothers and grandfathers, so to speak. (Man coughs up “perfect” blood clot – 60 percent of people will develop blood clots after the “vaccination”.)

The latter may be well intentioned. In view of the data situation, however, it does not sound very well founded. One could at least expect the BMG to look at the mountains of numbers from the vaccination strongholds. That it has something to say about the new data on the omicron variant, which is apparently spreading rapidly and is crowding out the other mutations. And that it would adapt its strategies to these facts.

the Omicron data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) said the following on January 11, for example: Of 101,099 cases discovered, 962 (almost one percent of those who tested positive) were treated in a clinic, 40 people (0.04 percent) died – whether because of or just “with” Corona -Omicron, is not even known.

To put this in perspective: Every year around 1.2 percent of the total population dies in Germany, every month every thousandth resident (0.1 percent) dies – and this trend is due to a growing average age even increasing. From 2017 to 2019, almost 20 million patients were treated each year treated in clinics, in the first year of the pandemic it was around 16.4 million.

If it stayed with Omikron with the treatment rate mentioned, and if every inhabitant of the republic fell ill in one year, this would result in around 830,000 corona patients and around 33,000 people who died from or with Omikron. (We are now witnessing the first signs of the dreaded vaccine zombie apocalypse)

Politics flying blind?

So is the federal government orienting itself with its vaccination requirements on this data? None: The BMG spokeswoman Parissa Hajebi did not go into more detail on the content of the author’s specific questions.

Instead, she repeated what was propagated day in, day out: “The staff in the health professions and professions that look after those in need of care and people with disabilities have a special responsibility, since there is intensive and close contact with groups of people with a high risk of a severe, severe or serious illness even lethal course of COVID-19 disease.”

According to Hajebi, a high vaccination rate ensures reliable protection against transmission. Has the BMG lost sight of reality?(Study: Most vaccinated people die from vaccine-induced autoimmune attacks on their own organs)

One would like to call out to them: But all the data say the opposite! At least they show that the virus is spreading rapidly and infecting people, despite the very high vaccination rate.

The BMG spokeswoman did not want to discuss any details. She recommended that the author ask the RKI or the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) about this. So you’re going in circles.

However, the RKI and the PEI are not responsible for political decisions at all. They also could not answer whether the BMG looked at the RKI weekly report of January 6th, for example, from which it emerged that 78 percent of a total of 12,185 symptomatic omicron sufferers were fully vaccinated, and of these a quarter were vaccinated three times.(10 million people a day are put on a countdown to death from a vaccine that could wipe out billions if left unchecked)

And that of 140 hospitalized 74 percent and nine intensive care unit patients three were vaccinated twice and three more even three times. And of a total of seven deceased, an average of three were boosted and two were double-vaccinated.

How is the PEI supposed to know whether the government is interested in the reported cases of suspected vaccine damage, including over 26,000 serious cases and almost 2,000 deaths? How could the two institutes assess the basis on which the political conclusions and assessments are based?

RKI spokeswoman Susanne Glasmacher also made this clear when asked. Maybe the government didn’t do a risk/benefit analysis at all? Is politics flying completely blind? However, the BMG assures:

“Federal government is currently not planning its own draft law on general compulsory vaccination”

After all: Even if numerous media reports including Lauterbach’s statements – now as federal minister – sometimes suggest otherwise, according to Hajebi the federal government is “currently not planning its own draft law on general compulsory vaccination”.

It leaves it up to the individual parties to submit drafts. It still seems unclear which parties will actually submit such a far-reaching application and when. However, the BMG will “help you with the formulation of your applications”, announced the spokeswoman.

Lots of unanswered questions

However, the fact remains that the topic is being discussed and has many supporters in the government factions of the SPD, FDP and the Greens, but also in the Union parties and in the Left Party. And employees in the care and health sector who do not want to be vaccinated are threatened with being thrown out in mid-March. A lot of things are not clear about this either.

For example, the BMG does not worry about the nursing shortage. As BMG spokesman Sebastian Gülde explained a few days ago when asked, one simply does not believe that the existing emergency could become a danger due to the obligation to vaccinate.

There is also repeated talk of special protection for “people who cannot be vaccinated”. However, according to the German experts, there is no such thing. On the RKI website it says:

“According to the RKI, only very few people (individual cases) cannot be vaccinated due to allergies to components of the COVID-19 vaccines. (…) As a rule, people who are not vaccinable with one of the vaccine types (mRNA versus vector-based) can be vaccinated with the other.”

Apart from the fact that those willing to be vaccinated are neither presented with the package leaflet with the ingredients nor are appropriate examinations offered: What about, for example, a nurse who developed a thrombosis after her first vaccination, or a geriatric nurse who then suffered from heart muscle inflammation?(Drainage of modern vaccines of spike proteins and graphene oxide (video))

Should those affected actually take the risk again in order to keep their job or to be able to participate in social life? What about those who are very afraid of side effects? Does that count as a psychological indication for vaccination exemption?

The BMG spokeswoman also failed to answer these questions.

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Sources: PublicDomain/de.rt.com am 13.01.2022

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