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Shareholders who rely on Covid serums to line their pockets are among the few to receive wonderful news this holiday season as they rake in the returns of a furious bull market on Moderna and Pfizer stocks.

Executives and shareholders of large pharmaceutical companies saw their wealth skyrocket in the week following Omicron’s “discovery”, with eight major shareholders of Pfizer and Moderna earning $ 10.3 billion together. as reported gives City AM December 6, less than two weeks after Omicron was announced.

The two pharmaceutical companies produce Covid mRNA injections and with Omicron, investors are pouring the returns into their bank accounts. The eight largest shareholders of Pfizer and Moderna alone earned $ 10.3 billion.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla personally earned $ 339,236 on the value of the shares he holds in the week following Omicron’s announcement.

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel raised $ 3.19 million alone by selling 10,000 shares for $ 319 each on November 26, the day after Omicron’s announcement. And just under two weeks later, by December 5, he became richer by more than $ 1.7 billion as the value of his remaining shares increased.

Investment firm Blackrock made $ 2.5 billion in just the week following Omicron’s announcement. And Vanguard earned a whopping $ 1.01 billion from his shares in Moderna and $ 1.5 billion from Pfizer.

All of this happened a few days after the UK government did signed an agreement on 2 December with Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna for 114 million doses of injections (54 million Pfizer and 60 million Moderna) guaranteeing doses for two years.

At the same time, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla predicted that the booster injections are going to last. Pfizer and BioNTech released the results of an initial laboratory study on December 8. In an interview with CNBC, Bourla said the preliminary studies were based on a synthetic, lab-created copy of Omicron and that real-world results were expected over the next two weeks. While the results may show that a third injection could fight the variant, Bourla said, “I think we’ll need a fourth dose.”

On December 10, Dispatches di Channel 4 ha sent in wave their investigation, ” Vaccine Wars: Truth About Pfizer “, Which accused Pfizer of funding educational presentations in Canada that its British rival AstraZeneca was ineffective and even dangerous for some people of the population. L’ The investigation also revealed an analysis by a biological engineering expert that the production costs of Pfizer’s injection are 76p per dose, but it is being sold to the UK government for £ 22.

Pfizer was “disappointed in learning ”Of the documentary and accused Channel 4 of “unbalanced reporting” and that the cost of 76 cents per dose was “grossly inaccurate”. Pfizer’s response to Channel 4 proves at least one thing: the “vaccine wars” are real.

There are many misconceptions and myths about Pfizer. The first is that it created a Covid vaccine injection. The only thing Pfizer has created is a money-making machine, he has said Dr. Vernon Colman , Pfizer is talking about $ 80 billion in anticipated revenue.

Neglecting that this is a vaccine pandemic, Alex Berenson sums it up well. Quoting a published article dal South Africa’s News24 on December 19th, he wrote : “Scientists advising the government of South Africa – where the Omicron is now the dominant strain – say that tracing and quarantining contacts of infected people is a waste of time … unlike rich European countries, South Africa has dozens of millions of extremely poor people. He can no longer afford to engage in a viral theater to satisfy public health fanatics on a strain that increasingly resembles a cold. “

At the end of August, before Omicron’s announcement, Australia’s chief of health care, the Dr. Kerry Chant, during a press conference told us what their plan was. “We have to get used to being vaccinated with Covid vaccines for the future … I can’t see a future without Covid.”

The evidence is clear, they are lying to you.


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