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Great News America!

National Average Gas prices at the pump are down around 10c from their highs since all-conquering President Biden unleashed his cunning SPR-release plan to ease the pain in Americans’ pocketbooks.

Here’s the infographic to provide it…

Furthermore, President Biden gloated that “shelves are only empty because of that highly wanted gift,” and added that “gas prices are coming down to historic averages.”

So let’s go to the data…

The average price for gas over the past 20 years is $2.77 which means at $3.29, Biden’s price for Americans is 19% above average…

It turns out gas prices at the pump follow a more-or-less predictable seasonal pattern and the current price of US gas has never, ever been higher for this time of year…

And, while this will be hard to swallow for some religious zealots, gas prices are 29% above the average price for this time of year.

Can we get a ‘fact-check’ please?


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