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The Biden regime has just announced another round of Covid tyranny.

Unvaxxed federal workers must undergo weekly Covid tests starting February 15, the Biden regime announced Tuesday.

This is in addition to Biden’s federal mandate for the vaccine, OSHA’s “workaround” and the mandate for the health vaccine.

Reuters reported:

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The Biden administration said on Tuesday that federal agencies are expected to request weekly COVID-19 tests by February 15 for unvaccinated government employees who work on-site or interact with the public.

The administration said on Tuesday that unvaccinated employees, including those seeking religious or medical exemptions, “should be tested weekly for every week during which they work on-site or interact in person with the public as part of their job duties. Agencies may require more frequent tests ”.

The rules do not apply to federal workers who work remotely.

The administration said on Tuesday that federal agencies can impose disciplinary measures on workers who refuse to take the test and can also bar employees from agency workplaces pending resolution of any disciplinary action.

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