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The Republican-led states of Texas and Florida are calling out the federal government for limiting their access to monoclonal antibodies shown to help fight Covid-19 and its variants.

As Infowars reported in September, the Biden administration began rationing doses of the treatment after seven southern states started seeing a reduction in Covid cases.

Seven states in total – Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana and Alabama – purchased 70% of the orders made in September.

Now, Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo is accusing the Biden administration of intentionally blocking the monoclonal antibody treatments from Florida Covid patients in a letter sent to the Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Xavier Becerra.

Ladapo’s letter, sent on Tuesday, reads, “President Biden recently stated there is no federal solution to COVID-19, and solving this pandemic will happen at the state level. Therefore, as Surgeon General, I respectfully request that you allow states and healthcare practitioners to provide treatment options that best benefit the communities they know and serve.”

“Florida is a large, diverse state with one of the highest percentages of seniors in the U.S., and we must empower healthcare providers to make decisions that will save the lives of Americans everywhere without the dictates imposed by the federal government,” the Florida Surgeon General continues.

On Monday, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission released a statement announcing the state had run out of its federally rationed supply of monoclonal antibodies, and that infusion centers will not have any more until January.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott posted about the dilemma on social media, writing, “Biden vows full federal support to help states combat COVID. But he’s not. Biden is hoarding the anti-body therapeutic drugs & denying states independent access to that medical treatment. Now, he has stopped providing any of that medicine to Texas.”

It appears the Biden administration could be responsible for tens of thousands of deaths as it wages a political battle against red states.

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