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Today, dear readers, we present you with some news about the “divine alliance” and the QFS, which is said to have been running parallel to the current debt money system since 2018.

As you can see, it’s 2022 and absolutely nothing has changed in the current financial system. Hasty and misleading promises of a global currency reset aim to deceive and numb some activists (read more here: Stop eating popcorn! From the eternal waiting for the “great helpers”!)

Read for yourself so that you don’t also fall into the trap of the false prophets:

Information is being circulated from usually reputable sources that the QFS will use a coin-based currency system. This is inaccurate information. Very few people really understand the QFS, but many try with limited knowledge. By Ron Giles

This use of 1 billion coins and crypto-like use of money transfers is not and never will be part of the Quantum Financial System. The QFS uses digital gold certificates, which represent actual currency, not coins, and are backed by GOLD, not assets that can be dumped and sold by the unscrupulous cabal types.

There’s no point in running endless audits to make sure all assets are safe. Rollover Nixion, you had your day, now you and your version of the gold standard are gone forever.

The global currency reset, once implemented, will reset all currencies to the same value. This means that one US dollar has the same value as the British pound. This is necessary because the existing fluctuations in the value of currencies between currencies are not calculated when paying for purchases from one country to another. This is why there will be a global currency reset. It will come before the RV begins.

There is so much rubbish information out there from those who don’t know what is going on and speculate that the QFS is active before the GCR (Global Currency Reset) happened.

Is it so hard to understand that everything has to be in place before the camper is released? And until all things are in place, there will be no RV or QFS activation. The GCR will be an omen that the RV is ready to go.

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So you fake guru types need to get your sources in order and stop speculating from the ignorant, misinformed sources that are polluting the swamp water so no one can see what is going on.

I hate to say this, but it’s time for Intel vendors and truthers to share their Intel source. If it’s not Alliance, tell us it’s not Alliance. Those who receive their information from the Alliance must begin by pre-qualifying their information by saying that the Alliance is the source of their information and is approved for release.

If a person wants to stop being confused then ask for information and only seek information from the Alliance for information to be disseminated. Is there any wonder why so many are confused by guru intelligence? Your sources are not the Alliance. Is that so important you ask? Guess whose money will be used to pay back Zim Bonds?

They have their process for repaying Zim Bonds. If you don’t follow this process, you’ll be out of money. I don’t want people giving us their alliance resources because the guru scumbags will start lying that they were appointed by the alliance to release their information. Liars lie, that’s what they do.

Here’s a note to let you know if the Alliance has a hand in the information. Except as a result of military deception, Allianz does not release dates, prices, or other redemption date information prior to the release of the date information. The Alliance will be in touch with verified Alliance humanitarian workers through as yet undisclosed channels for notifications of Zim Bond redemptions.

Not a single certified humanitarian is left out. No, not one!!! And unless you’re a certified humanitarian, you won’t know the RV even started because of the NDA.

So if you get a price or date, know it’s not Alliance and ignore it unless you want to believe in military subterfuges meant for the cabal, not us.

So if you are inclined to believe in interest rates ($11 million for a 100 ton note) or data (July 4th 2019), you can just know that it is coming from either a misinformed guru or the alliance , which engages in military deception. Either way, just ignore dates or ridiculous prices, they’re not for us humanitarians.

By the way, have you ever wondered why the Alliance chose the discontinued trillion dollar Zim Bond series for our redemptions? The reason is that there is no intrinsic value anymore, they are useless. So the gurus only give us $11 million for a 100 ton bill?

Let me put it another way. Which of these central banks would give us $11 million for worthless currency with no resale value? Give us the name of a banker who would do this. So gurus, tell us again that a bank will redeem useless, abandoned currency for $11 million.

So let’s bankers go to Zimbabwe and give $11 million for every 100 ton bill, even if it was used as a decoration on their walls. You’re dumber than a piece of gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe. These gurus have created a big scam to hide what they are doing. How many believe in this garbage?

If you are a humanitarian, don’t let other people do your thinking. Connect your own dots on this topic. They don’t want you to have your humanitarian funds. You are not on our side. Question everything a guru says.

Despite this, my association with the Alliance does not allow me to speak for the Alliance, but every document I publish, publicly or privately, to educate benefactors has been approved by the Alliance as to the accuracy and timing of the information.

I have created some documents that are awaiting approval before they can be released. I’m not under an NDA, I’m just working for the greater good in line with the Alliance.

There is a transition that the QFS will go through where 3D creations could be used to add 3D public credibility to the transition. What does that mean? The Starlink satellite system is based on a 3D creation using satellite technology. This usage provides plausible technology for people to believe in.

It gives a 3D logical explanation of how the QFS will be implemented, but in the finality of the QFS’s release, the 5D purity of the QFS creation through Quantum Consciousness or Divine Consciousness will prevail. Not everyone believes in divine consciousness, so they use 3D footage in the transition, again for credibility. The Starlink system will be discarded over time without fanfare or announcement. It is only used in the transition to credibility.

I trust the plan of the Divine Alliance to be perfect for our engagement in creating the Golden Age of humanity.

The quantum financial system has been running parallel to the central banks’ SWIFT system since 2018. Because of this, as I wrote above, it was possible for all of the cabal’s dark dealings to be uncovered and ended. On August 2nd it was tested for sole functionality. Every bank in the world was called to make sure it worked. The test run was successful and since then the QFS has been running at 80 percent, SWIFT at only 20 percent.

You could tell because many international transfers were booked faster. On Day X, the QFS will replace the current SWIFT system. Anyone who has a Swift account with a bank will then automatically have a QFS account. So most people won’t notice it at first. When we talk about centralized banking and fiat money, we’re talking about the debt-slavery system that we all want to break free of. And that will happen.

There are also hints about the new currencies. Containers have been set up at all printing and embossing plants in Europe for months and are guarded around the clock. be guarded by the military. I got confirmation of this from some friends. Nobody really knows yet what will happen to the euro, or there is no confirmed information. My guess is that the euro, like the ECU back then, will remain just a digital currency for conversion purposes.

What I have heard now over the past few days and weeks is that all funds (seizure of arrested cabal assets, reparation funds, straw man account balances, ELDERS donations, etc.) are already in the QFS. From there, the basic income for each person is posted to their accounts, it does not come from the state, as is always claimed, nobody is dependent on any state. I read such a BS in many groups and it totally unsettles me.

The “money” is therefore present in the QFS in terms of value, but has not yet been assigned to any accounts. You could compare it to a “cloud”, the money only becomes “visible” when it is posted to a QFS account.

All sources confirm that cash will continue to exist, especially coins. All the horror scenarios circulating from alleged “truthers” will not happen. So far the Alliance (or White Hats) has all the Cabal.

Plans turned into good, why stop now? A planned deadly pandemic became a cold, all wars began, plans became peace treaties, and so on. In addition, one cannot “sleep” awakened ones so quickly, our sense has grown immensely, we would recognize traps immediately.

I hope everything here helps a little!

Caution! The “white hats”, any alliances and other PsyOps are part of an elaborate system to make you believe that someone else is doing the dirty work for you to create a better world. You create the better world, every moment, every day. Do it now!

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Sources: PublicDomain/qfs2020.com am 13.01.2022

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