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I am pleased to welcome this reflection from my colleague and collaborator of Gospa News to my column. On the cover a detail of the cover image of the German weekly Stern, a very popular magazine in Germany

from Carlo Domenico Cristofori

No gifts under the tree, in Christmas 2021 for the Holy See the most beautiful gifts to children are vaccines. In fact, in the run-up to the holiday favored by children, some Vatican institutions have reaffirmed their PRO-VAX position through pseudo-scientific reflections which, however, propagate some lies denying serious risks of vaccination for minors, contrary to what is reported by scientific studies, by virological experts and confirmed by the first deaths in the USA (link at the bottom of the page).

We are publishing an excerpt from the text of the article released by Vatican News on 22 December with links to the numerous articles of Gospa News that refute the basis. Pfizer itself claimed that it did not have enough data to exclude the risk of myocarditis in children, effectively transforming minors over 5 into human guinea pigs ..

One of the documents was released by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, a few months ago ended up in controversy for having it welcomed a biochemist who experimented with the modification of DNA favoring the orientations of transhumanism for the genetic alteration of newborns. No wonder, therefore, that today the Holy See promotes those gene sera based on messenger RNA which, according to a geneticist from Cologne, can also modify DNA.

The Vatican’s insistence on the vaccination campaign leads us to believe that Scientism is increasingly becoming the true religious beacon of the heirs of the Church of Christ which for 2 thousand years it has placed on the rock of the evangelical mystery of faith and of the miracles of the saints its foundations. The vaccination obsession has become a real pandemic within the Holy See which from January 31 will leave its employees without salary who they do not want to become guinea pigs of experimental gene sera.


«Getting vaccinated is “an act of love”. The Pope had said so, urging a serious and egalitarian vaccination campaign especially for the poorest populations, the Holy See now reiterates, while inoculation campaigns for the youngest are underway throughout the world. In a short statement, the Vatican reaffirms “the favorable position” to anti Covid vaccines. “The Holy Father – we read – defined vaccination as an act of love, since it is aimed at protecting people against Covid-19. In addition, he recently reiterated the need for the international community to intensify cooperation efforts further, so that everyone has quick access to vaccines, not as a matter of convenience, but of justice ”» writes Vatican News.

“The press release is released today, one year after the disclosure of the notes on the same theme by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Pontifical Academies of Sciences and Social Sciences, and on the occasion of the publication of two documents of the Pontifical Academy of Life and Covid-19 Vatican Commission, established and operating within the Dicastery for Integral Human Development. Both texts focus their attention on that “parallel pandemic” that has hit hard the already fragile category of children and adolescents, forced to review habits and lifestyles, with serious consequences such as discomfort and pathologies, extremely diversified according to age. and social and environmental conditions ”adds the media of the Holy See.

“In the two texts we talk about stress, family bereavement, psychological and sexual abuse during the lockdown, school regression, relational problems and, in this regard, proposals and concrete solutions are illustrated to make this passage less traumatic, also difficult for adults. The first step is a fair distribution of the vaccine, because – reads the text of the Covid Commission – the harmful effects of the virus on children can only be fully mitigated if the spread of Covid-19 is limited. Vaccinating is an act of love, love for oneself, love for family and friends, love for all peoples “»

In this regard, the Holy See recalls that “The vaccination of minors, starting from the age of 5, with mRna vaccines has been widely authorized, considering the high value of the benefits compared to the risks”. Therefore, the document states, “it is important here to underline that, given the circumstances of the current spread of the pandemic and the quality of the authorized vaccines, vaccination of minors over the age of 5 can be considered advisable, compatibly with an equitable distribution of vaccines all over the world ”. “The contraindications and possible side effects – notes the PAV – are significant much lower than the benefits obtained “.

«The question of the relationship between children and school should not be forgotten. The Covid Commission asks to protect children who have suffered trauma during the lockdown (“including physical and sexual abuse”) when schools reopen. In particular, there are girls who “may never go back to school due to the specific challenges they face”. Institutions, therefore, should work “to respond to the needs of children affected by trauma and to help those facing barriers to access and participation in school,” the document urges.

For this reason, the Academy of Life asks that the closure of schools “should in the future be considered only the last ratio to be adopted in extreme cases and only after having experimented with other epidemic control measures such as a different arrangement of the premises, means of transport and the organization of the entire school life and its timetables “”.

“In the reflection of the two documents, the delicate issue of children who have been orphaned by parents who died due to Covid is not forgotten, considering the estimate that,” by 30 September 2021, more than 5 million children have lost a parent, a grandfather or a secondary guardian, due to Covid-19 “. For these minors it is asked to “strengthen the systems that promote the care of children within the family” »reads the Vatican News article.


The Vatican’s decision to remove the salary of all No Vax employees is causing even more controversy. Nicola Porro took up the news in his Blog with the specious title “Vade retro Satana: the Pope takes away the salary of no vax families”.

“Yesterday, just on the eve of Christmas when we should all be better off, the Vatican issued the new directives to stem the coronavirus pandemic. Strict measures, signed by the Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin, and which target those who have not yet been immunized. The no vax employees of the Holy See, in addition to not being able to show up for work, will also have their salaries taken away from the Pope. In the face of divine mercy “we read in the article that details the new measures of containment of the pandemic.

“Considering the persistence and worsening of the current health emergency situation”, Parolin said yesterday, the Vatican has ordered the obligation of a green pass “to all personnel (Superiors, Officials and Auxiliaries) of the Departments, Bodies and Offices that make up the Roman Curia and the Institutions connected with the Holy See, and extends to external collaborators and to those who carry out activities in any other capacity at the same Bodies, to the staff of external companies and to all visitors and users “. Translated: either you have the green pass or you don’t cross the Leonine walls.

«Which His Holiness then requires the super green pass, then that from vaccination or recovery. No buffer. And for those who work in contact with the public, from 31 January they will even have to have the booster in addition to the first and second dose, otherwise nisba: parrot “Only the documentation proving the vaccination fulfillment will be recognized of the administration of the booster dose following the primary cycle ”» adds Nicola Porro’s blog.

“Personnel without a valid green pass proving, exclusively, the status of vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 or recovery from the SARS-CoV-2 virus will not be able to access the workplace and must be considered unjustified absentee, with the consequent suspension of pay for the duration of the absence, without prejudice to social security and welfare deductions, as well as the allowance to the family unit. The unjustified prolongation of the absence from the workplace will have the consequences foreseen by the General Regulations of the Roman Curia ”.

To read at a glance all the background of the SARS-Cov-2 laboratory, buy the book WuhanGates …

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VATICAN NEWS – The Holy See reiterates its favorable position for vaccines: “An act of love”



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