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The official Covid 19 case numbers in Austria are incorrect and manipulated, explains qualified engineer Steffen Löhnitz. They were exaggerated and used to justify corresponding interventions in fundamental rights. At 10:30 a.m. on January 21, he presents his evidence.

“A state government that, in cooperation with the federal government, falsifies the number of cases in the order of around 60 percent in order to justify the current goals of its policy, specifically the lockdown 11/12-2021 in Austria and Vorarlberg, I take as comparable to activities a criminal organization.”

That’s what Steffen Löhnitz says, who has been dealing with the correct numbers in relation to corona diseases for a long time and is now going public with further evidence.

For the period October 25, 2021 and December 31, 2021, Löhnitz documented and proved that the so-called “active cases” are incorrect in the specified corona numbers. He accuses those responsible of deliberate manipulation. He will present his findings in a press conference on January 21 at 10:30 a.m. Epoch Times will broadcast a live stream.

It refers to the current values ​​from all Austrian federal states that are entered in the EMS database of AGES (Agency for Health and Food Security) are incorporated daily.

Was the lockdown 11/12 2021 justified? And the compulsory vaccination?

According to Löhnitz, the inflated and manipulated numbers were used for massive restrictions on fundamental rights, as well as for discrimination against large parts of the population and economic damage to individuals, companies and communities.

A completely false reality was created by continuously manipulating the numbers. Without the high figures, it would not have been possible to justify the corresponding interference with fundamental rights. Löhnitz primarily addresses the question of whether the lockdown 11/12-2021 was justified in Austria and whether compulsory vaccination is permissible on the basis of this data.

In relation to his results, he also explains: “Such massive fraud, such manipulation of the population based on it – Austria and Germany – exceeded everything I knew from my GDR past, could imagine and what I would have thought possible.”

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Born in Saxony, he was born in, among other places Austria Known as the initiator of the “People’s initiative to collect data on those suffering from Covid-19”.(Austrian doctors write an open letter against the presidents of the medical association: “… dictatorially determined how, in your opinion, medical professional duty should be defined”)

wochenblick.at reported:

Corona dictatorship cemented: united front waves through threatening mandatory vaccination

Unfortunately, it was foreseeable, but now it is a sad certainty. With the votes of the turquoise-green government, the SPÖ and the vast majority of the NEOS mandaters, compulsory vaccination was decided in the National Council.

The result of the roll-call vote was announced around 7 p.m. A Green MP stayed away from the vote so as not to have to vote against her party’s course. Even with several red mandataries, this stood for their absence in the room.

Only FPÖ closed against compulsory injections

Of the 183 MPs, 170 took part in the historic vote, the result was 137:33 for compulsory vaccination. Among them, it was only the Liberals who rebelled against compulsory vaccination and wanted to prevent Austria from being the first formally democratic country in the world to introduce compulsory vaccinations for all adults.

As FPÖ General Secretary Michael Schnedlitz explained during the day, the Freedom Party voted unanimously against the proposal – both those who had already received one or more stitches and, of course, those who had previously refrained from doing so.

In a first reaction to Telegram FPÖ leader Herbert Kickl described the outcome of the vote as a “day of shame for the Austrian Parliament and for our democracy.” Only his party would have voted against “this unjust law, which marks the totalitarian low point of the government’s failures that have lasted for two years.”

After this setback, however, he encouraged the people again: “We will do everything possible to get a majority of the citizens to overturn the obligation to vaccinate.”

Four NEOS mandaters against compulsory vaccination

Just yesterday, in an impressive video message, Kickl asked the representatives of the other parties to go into themselves and “listen to their conscience”. It didn’t help: In the Corona United Front, no possible conscience stirred. In addition to the Freedom Party, there were four NEOS MPs who refused to approve.

Among them, ironically, pandemic spokesman Gerald Loacker, who explained in his speech in advance that he would not grant absolution to the proposed law. They were joined by judicial spokesman Johannes Margreiter, health spokeswoman Fiona Fiedler and Stephanie Krisper. SPÖ mandater Josef Muchitsch was the only one in his group to vote against it.

The non-attached wife of HC Strache, Philippa, on the other hand, apparently voted for the draft – although she previously described it as a “wrong sign” in a speech.

There were no dissenting votes from the ÖVP and the Greens. However, Ewa Ernst-Dziedzic excused her absence because she did not want to vote with the club.

Human rights spokeswoman Gudrun Kugler and spokeswoman for disabled people Kira Grünberg as well as Carina Reiter and Johann Singer and thus four MPs were not in the plenum of the ÖVP.

With Robert Laimer, Rudolf Silvan, Maximilian Lercher and Petra Vorderwinkler, the SPÖ was also missing four mandataries; in addition to Ernst-Dziedzic, the Greens also have Ulrike Fischer and Martin Litschauer. So far, no reasons are known for the absence in these cases. The NEOS were present in full.

Corona regime prevents participation in meeting

The Freedom Party also had to complain about two excused absences. A threatening situation arose in relation to the absence of Dagmar Belakovich, one of the main critics of compulsory vaccination in Parliament.

The first relevant actors and journalists have already begun to speculate about the background on social media.

As weekly view asked, the absurdities of the Corona regime prevented them from taking part in the vote. Because like tens of thousands of Austrians, Belakowitsch was recently healthy and in quarantine through no fault of his own as a corona contact person.

When she wanted to “examine herself” in time for the day of the session after serving the minimum duration, she was unable to do so. Because according to her, there was no free test date in Vienna that you could or wanted to assign her!

Numerically, the participation could not have overturned the result – however, the citizens fell over one of their stirring incendiary speeches.

Recently wowed her with a performance in which she criticized the “Pfizer company spokesman” in parliament and made it clear: you cannot inject yourself with basic rights, they are unconditional!

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Sources: PublicDomain/epochtimes.de am 21.01.2022

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