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Tennis Australia requested that the group’s signs be confiscated because they were deemed “inappropriate”.

A video has surfaced showing tennis fans at the Australian Open being harassed by an officer ordering them to hand in any Novak Djokovic signs they made or to leave the arena.

After the Australian authorities revoked the tennis star’s visa and held him hostage for days, fans are apparently no longer even allowed to express their support for their favorite player.

The footage shows a fan in Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena being approached by an officer who eventually admits he was hired by Tennis Australia to confiscate the group’s signs because they were “inappropriate”.

Refusing to explain why the signs are inappropriate, the man simply repeats the claim and says, “You know why.”

The signs read “Free Novak” and one of them says that the champion is being held as “hostage to a communist state.”

YouTuber The Aussie Cossack posted a comment on the incident:

Today Djokovic won a trial in which his visa was reinstated and he was allowed to leave a detention center. However, the Australian immigration minister has threatened to revoke the player’s visa.

As we highlighted last week, the authorities wanted to make an example of Djokovic’s beliefs about vaccination and to warn others.

The tennis champion had his property confiscated, was interrogated for eight hours, woke up trying to sleep, and then forced to live in a flea-strewn ghetto hotel full of illegal immigrants and criminals.


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