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There is hardly a country that takes COVID more seriously than Australia. Their strict regulations produce “extraordinary” results (Spoiler Alert: I’m sarcastic).

They are super strict with their COVID measures:

– Compulsory vaccination

– Mask requirement

– Unvaccinated people have to isolate themselves at home

– Upper limits at events and in night clubs

– Free boosters for everyone over 18 and who received their second dose more than 4 months ago

– Mandatory electronic check-ins

It should be noted that measures may vary from state to state.

The different government measures make a lot of sense, as the virus in New South Wales behaves completely differently than the virus in the Northern Territory (I’m sarcastic again).

Almost all of them are vaccinated. Take a look at the statistics: https://www.covid19.act.gov.au/

Not vaccinated? Then you are locked out!

A Look at the limitations and penalties:

Nationwide lockout

A nationwide lockout came into effect at 1 p.m. on January 6, 2022. The lockout is valid until Monday noon on January 10, 2022.

Fully vaccinated individuals can live normally within the lockout area. The mask requirement remains.

Unvaccinated people over the age of 16, including those who received only their first dose, must stay home during the lockout and are only allowed to leave the house for these three reasons:

1. Medical treatment, including COVID test or vaccination

2. For necessary goods and services, such as food, power tokens (coins for gas / electricity) and medicines

3. Care and support for family members or people who cannot support themselves.

You may not move further than 30km from your place of residence.

If you have to go to a hospital that is more than 30km away, that is allowed.

Businesses and organizations have an obligation to ensure that employees, customers, visitors and attendees are fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated people are only allowed to visit essential services, such as supermarkets, hospitals or take-away.

Anyone violating these Chief Health Officer (CHO) instructions – including wearing a mask – could be fined $ 5,000.

Extremely bad results

The result of these limitations speaks for itself:

Australia is showing the world how not to keep the virus under control

Pfizer’s advice to the Australian people….

“Go on like this! Don’t ask questions. Do not question the result. Your government knows best. “

How the Australian government is twisting the result

“Look, it works! These numbers would be much worse if you didn’t follow the advice! “

How people feel about it

The governments asked 90 weeks ago for two weeks to “flatten the curve”.

Melbourne, Victoria was then given the dubious honor of being the most sealed-off city in the world. At times the anti-terrorist unit was out on the streets, firing rubber bullets and tear gas at people who stood on street corners and simply said they had been locked up long enough – what a cheek these people! Tens of thousands of family businesses have been destroyed, family homes have been lost, and the mental health of our populations has been destroyed, as has our culture of happiness. Highly effective early treatment drugs were banned: hydroxychloroquine in April 2020 and ivermectin in October 2021, on the grounds that they would discourage Australians from getting vaccinated.

Forced vaccination is the norm, and few exceptions are made – even for those who suffered terribly from their first vaccination!

The government has set its goals: 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%. Just when they were achieved, the goals were raised even further.

90 weeks later, the “curve” went through the roof. All the damage, all in vain. The salt in the wound is that this was all so obviously predictable, and yet all of these fools in government, along with all of their medical experts, are in shock. And, guess what – more of the same crap is on the way.


When it comes to helping the virus infect people, there are few countries in the world that can do it better than Australia. From practically zero COVID cases, the number of cases has increased dramatically.

I think it is only a matter of time before the world adopts all Australian countermeasures.


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