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by Edward Curtin, Off Guardian:

Edward Curtin in conversation with RFK jr

The above audio is a shortened version of a video interview from a few weeks ago between author (and regular OffG contributor) Edward Curtin and lawyer/political activist Robert Kennedy jr.

Their conversation touches on many aspects of the CIA’s devious role in so many aspects of history, including its relentless lying attacks on the Kennedy family that go back decades, its assassinations of Kennedys, and its egregious character assassination of RFK Jr himself.

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Kennedy’s recent book, The Real Anthony Fauci, has been ignored by the mainstream media because they speak for the CIA, as they have been doing for decades, and Kennedy is a great threat to their stranglehold on the truth. (You can read Ed’s review here.)

They discuss many issues: Operation Mockingbird, Anthony Fauci, Covid, Noam Chomsky and his acolytes, JFK, the CIA’s long deep involvement in germ warfare, the militarizing of medicine, and its pushing of drugs, etc.

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