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Fear of war between Ukraine and Russia has brought Europe to the brink of crisis. At the same time, however, it also raises promising hopes for a revival of diplomacy between the great powers. If it weren’t for a Senator from Mississippi.

Recently, the presidents of Russia and the United States held face-to-face talks – something they do far too seldom. Even if the results were not spectacular, there was a feeling that the saber rattle has given way to actual diplomacy at a high level. With this in mind, however, an influential US Senator has excelled like an offended liver sausage.

Senator Roger Wicker went a few days ago to the public with the advice to US President Joe Biden to keep his options open with regard to Ukraine. He suggested that Biden consider not only using conventional military force, but possibly using the country’s nuclear arsenal as well.

Wicker’s proposal has sparked protests. Also on the part of the Russian embassy in Washington. However, the senator did not retract his words.

He just backed away a little, obviously trying to tone down the impact of what he said while holding on to what he’d said. We could dismiss its bizarre failure as yet another attempt by an American Conservative to appeal to a local audience with a seemingly insatiable appetite for aggressive rhetoric against Russia.

However, there are two reasons why this incident should not be taken lightly. For one, Wicker is no small backbencher. He is a senior senator from Mississippi and the second senior member of the Senate Armed Forces Committee.

Second, he did not limit himself to general issues, but put two extremely worrying proposals into practice. First, the US should be ready to use nuclear weapons against Russia, and second, it should be ready to use them first.

However, being ready for a first strike against Russia has clear implications. Wicker may not care what his words mean. Apart from the desired effect on certain voter segments.Russia: After breaking his word – Putin demands security guarantees from NATO – probability of war remains high)

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But when in doubt, let’s agree with the senator and assume that he has voiced an idea that goes beyond sheer demagoguery when it comes to nuclear war.

In this case there are only two options. Either Wicker believes that a large-scale global nuclear war over eastern Ukraine should not be ruled out. Because such a thing could easily follow a nuclear attack by the USA.

Or, if we again agree with Wicker when in doubt and assume that he is not ready to risk the entire planet, including the USA, because of a relatively limited conflict – with all due respect for Ukraine – then there is only one option left Left: He has to believe that Washington could start, wage and presumably win a limited nuclear war.

That’s actually the scariest part of the Senator’s fuss. Unfortunately, this insanely dangerous notion has become popular among US politicians.

In early 2020, Washington not only carried out an exercise to simulate such a limited nuclear war with Russia, but also made it a priority to provide the world with unusually detailed information about it.

After the introduction of new nuclear weapons with comparatively low explosive power, the message was clear: The Pentagon believes that it is possible to wage and, of course, win a nuclear war that remains limited enough to make this extreme option viable.

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