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First a solar eclipse, then a climate eclipse?

Solar abbreviation reaches tipping point

An interesting phenomenon has been observed since around the middle of the year. The duration of daily solar irradiation has been decreasing steadily for months in the northern hemisphere (so-called solar abbrevation).

There is agreement about the phenomenon. The causes are currently still being discussed controversially among experts. While the Potsdam Institute for Political Global Warming speaks of a CO2-incised tipping point, experts from the renowned scientific society Leopoldina suspect a connection with the earth’s magnetic field, which could be facing an inversion.

Conspiracy deniers reject scientifically proven model calculation

A group of so-called scientists, who, according to the intelligence of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, can be assigned to the climate-related conspiracy denial scene, is currently spreading crude theories via the messenger service Telegram, according to which this phenomenon can be explained with an allegedly proven inclination of the earth’s axis and is only temporary.

Such a thing would also have been observed in the past few years. In a few days the trend would be measurably reversed and the measured solar irradiation time per Diem in the northern hemisphere would increase again. This or something like that are conspiracy theories of this kind that have surfaced again and again in the past.Are winter power failures beginning now? 40,000 people in the Rhein-Sieg district affected)

Potsdam Institute for Political Global Warming creates clarity

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When asked, a spokesman for the renowned Potsdam Institute announced that there was no longer any doubt. Science is essentially settled.

The institute’s models clearly show that there will be eternal darkness by the 2nd week of April at the latest. The model runs are not yet sufficiently stable in nuances, however. Depending on the chosen scenario, eternal darkness will occur between April 13th and April 15th, 22nd.

Until then, however, the well-known phenomenon of pseudo-reversibility could still occur, as a result of which there would then be a temporary reversal of the solar abbreviation.(How Europe triggered an energy crisis and now has to pay dearly for it)

Temporary fluctuation is possible at any time

This phenomenon could also occur over several years in a row. However, it is not a question of turning away from the long-term blackout trend, but of natural fluctuations such as have occurred time and again in the past, according to an institute spokesman.

Federal government develops action plan

Especially in circles of the red-green federal government in Berlin, the topic is at the top of the list of priorities. As was learned from the new super ministry of the well-known children’s book author Habeck, an increase in the CO2 tax to finance 24/7 lighting in public spaces is planned in the long term as an immediate measure.(Is it all a plan of the elites? Collapse in global fertilizer production, supply chains and electricity crisis)

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SOS Earth – weather manipulation possible?

HAARP is more (Edition HAARP)

Sources: PublicDomain /eike-klima-energie.eu am 27.12.2021

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