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On the cover, Lieutenant Colonel Fabio Pasquariello died of a sudden illness during a dinner with friends at a restaurant

Two Carabinieri officers who died in Sicily, both 57 years old, a few weeks apart. Both deaths are suspected of having fatal adverse reactions from anti-Covid vaccines, which in the European Union are more than 36 thousand according to the latest updates of the reports to the EudraVigilance platform.

While in one case only empty rumors circulated on social media, in the other there is the almost complete certainty that he had received the inoculation of experimental gene sera and who therefore could / should be among the prime suspects of the sudden death.

In fact, the only question remains whether he had already done the third dose of the booster, currently underway among the military who promptly followed government regulations, or if he had only been given the second dose.

The paradox is that no one seems willing to investigate so as not to insinuate even the slightest doubt about the safety of vaccines. sworn in by Prime Minister Mario Draghi in contrast to the world pharmacovigilance reports (EudraVigilance in the European Union, VAERS in the USA e Yellow Card in the UK) and with the studies that from all over the world confirm the greater efficacy of natural immunity than experimental gene sera.

But since the Carabinieri are “Usi obey in silence and in silence die ” according to their motto, a merciful veil will in all likelihood be drawn over their premature deaths …

The chief of staff of the interregional Culqualber of Messina, Salvo Gagliano he had passed away on December 9th in Modena, where he was hospitalized for Covid, but without his vaccination having ever been confirmed, ineffective to protect against acute forms of Covid but also suspected of determining them for the so-called “breccia infection” (breakthrough in English). Therefore various hypotheses circulated on Facebook in relation to the alleged confidences of a self-styled lawyer friend of his, a maniac of leading role on the net, we did not consider them sufficient even to validate a shy suspicion.

But just in case of the fatal illness of his contemporary lieutenant colonel Fabio Pasquariello the question is very different because he died suddenly during a dinner with friends although he was in excellent health. However, it does not seem that any autopsy assessment has been prepared to verify a possible correlation with anti-Covid vaccines. In fact, the return of the body from Sicily to Friuli, where he was well known and esteemed, has already been organized for the next funeral.

«Weapon of the Carabinieri in mourning for the death of Lieutenant Colonel Fabio Pasquariello in service at the provincial command of Caltanissetta. The death took place last night (Tuesday 4 January 2022 – ed), shortly after 10 pm, in the restaurant Il Cacciatore in the Bigini district in Caltanissetta. Here the lieutenant colonel, 57, was having dinner when, suddenly, he fell ill and collapsed “he reported on January 5 the Nisseno fact without mentioning in the least the hypothesis of a possible connection with vaccination, which is to be considered to have occurred for obvious logical deductions.

In fact, the confirmation of his vaccinated condition is twofold. It comes indirectly from the government itself. From 15 December the obligation imposed on all armed forces became effective and any refusal to fulfill the duty would have resulted in the automatic suspension from service which would have had a notable impact: given the battles being carried out by the police unions and some military personnel.

Not only. After the decree of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers approved on 23 December 2021, only those in possession of the Super Green Pass, obtainable only with two doses of Covid vaccine (or three if the last one was more than 6 months old) or after a recovery or in the very remote hypothesis of an exemption. Since no article has referred to a previous Covid disease of the colonel and much less to an exemption for some pathology (which could have been a contributing cause of death) it is almost certain that he was in full vaccination regime.

The question remains whether the tragic event took place a few days after the third dose or not. Although mortality from vaccine adverse reactions is far from infrequent, the state of vaccination of the deceased due to sudden illness is almost never reported in the news, although determined by those heart problems which are now known among the undesirable effects of the experimental sera.

As if there were a “state taboo” that the media and family members cannot dare to profane in order not to compromise the success of the vaccination campaign, while it would be essential to understand the real lethality attributable even to a suspected adverse reaction to be ascertained.

As emerged from multiple pharmacovigilance reports (EudraVigilance, VAERS, Aifa) side effects occur mainly in the first 48 hours after dose injection, a high percentage within 10-15 days but more sporadic cases of suspected reactions have been recorded. adverse even after more than 100 days from administration.

It would not be the first time that a vaccine-related tragedy has been recorded in the weapon.

The case of the major marshal of the carabinieri of Mantua Pietro Taurino, only 50 years old, caused a sensation, for whom the causal link with the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine was confirmed by the autopsy. But because of the penal shield imposed by law by the government there the judiciary has requested the dismissal of the criminal investigation for manslaughter.


For Lieutenant Colonel Pasquariello, the attempts to revive him and to be able to snatch him from death during the fatal dinner proved to be in vain. The carabinieri officer, born in 1964, had been in Caltanissetta since 2017 and was appreciated there for his professionalism and experience.

Originally from Treviso, he had led the investigative nucleus of Udine and Trieste where he had proved himself to be an investigator of depth and quality. His appointment as Knight of the Italian Republic dates back to a few weeks ago: an honor he received from the Prefect Massimo Marchesiello after it was assigned to him by the Head of State Sergio Mattarella.

Lieutenant Colonel of the Carabinieri Fabio Pasquariello

The memory that RAI made of it with a report on TG3 Friuli where the victim had served for years was moved by being favored by authorities and civilians.

“Fabio Pasquariello, lieutenant colonel of the carabinieri, currently head of the provincial command of Caltanissetta, who died in Sicily from a sudden illness while he was having dinner in a restaurant was well known and not only in the context of the police and the judiciary. »Reads the RAI website.

Pasquariello, 57, has held positions in the weaponry in Gorizia, Udine and Trieste and before becoming an officer, he had commanded the stations of Lignano and Feletto Umberto. He had done the apprenticeship and had honed his investigative skills over the years.

Pasquariello has worked on particularly delicate news cases, such as the Tulissi murder and that of the Burgato couple in Lignano; but also in Trieste he made an important contribution to the solution of news cases. In addition to the investigative activity, Pasquariello carried out an intense activity of information to citizens, aimed in particular at young people.

In television service the memory of the deputy prosecutor of Udine Claudia Danelon, of the head of the mobile squad of the Udine police headquarters Massimiliano Ortolan and of the commander of the operational department of the Udine carabinieri Mauro Bonometti.

In the meantime, his funeral has already been arranged.

«The coffin will leave Caltanissetta immediately after the ceremony scheduled in the Sicilian center; the transfer will be aboard a hearse. The arrival in Friuli is expected in the late morning of Saturday. The funeral home will be set up at the Mansutti funeral home, which can be accessed until Monday morning at around 10. The funeral will be held in the Cathedral of Udine at 10.30. The rite will be concelebrated by Monsignor Luciano Nobile, archpriest of the Cathedral, and Don Davide Larice “reports Friuli.

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