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The Real Anthony Fauci, a bestseller by Robert F. Kennedy Jnr., Is so explosive that one wonders how the attorneys at Skyhorse Publishing could avoid it.

Skyhorse, founded in 2006 by Tony Lyons and a subsidiary of literary giant Simon and Schuster, doesn’t shy away from challenging authorities and exploring alternative narratives but cannot afford to piss off its parent company, which would be angry if its 100-year-old reputation would be damaged. As a result, RFK’s information, however defamatory, had to be solid and capable of withstanding legal challenge.

Robert Kennedy Jnr – the son of Democrat Robert ‘Bobby’ Kennedy who served as the US Attorney General under the administration of his brother John F. Kennedy in the early 1960s – is a successful attorney, as was his father. That means any allegations made against Fauci, the 80-year-old medical advisor to the US President, are backed by research and credible medical professionals. Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology used in Pfizer and Moderna’s Covid vaccines, has revised the book twice.

Among the doctors and scientists who contributed to the book are many who have developed or advocated vaccines all their lives but are appalled at the damage the experimental Covid vaccines can do.

Many names from this international community welcomed the opportunity to reaffirm their views, including Dr. Tess Lawrie from the UK advocating early covid treatments like ivermectin; Former vaccine developer for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, who says vaccination during a pandemic is a recipe for disaster; former UK Vice President of Pfizer and critic of the Covid response, Dr. Mike Yeadon, and Dr. Peter McCullough, the leading heart specialist in the United States. They all spoke to Kennedy and are quoted in the book with the full title: The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.

It’s compelling read that leaves one stunned at the sheer recklessness of introducing vaccines. It is also an invaluable source of reference material for anyone following the alternate narrative.

I spoke to Kennedy last week and found out why a legal challenge from Fauci or Gates would make him very happy.

SB: Have you received any legal challenges from Anthony Fauci or Bill Gates?

RFK: There is nothing in this book that is untrue. Second, I would welcome a lawsuit from Bill Gates and Tony Fauci, and they know that would be a major strategic mistake. Even if I wrote something in the book that was slanderous, I don’t think they would contest it. They have so much to lose when they learn the truth. Your only viable strategy is silence.

SB: What reactions did you get from the MSM?

RFK: There are no reviews in the newspapers [obwohl das Buch auf Platz 1 der Bestsellerliste steht]. I’m now being attacked with a barrage of ad hominem articles about me, but they don’t even mention the book, which is weird. You don’t want to talk about this book because it is full of truth. The truth is their deadliest enemy.

SB: Have you ever met Fauci or Gates?

RFK: I met Tony Fauci. Our paths have crossed for many years. I’ve been working on vaccine issues since 2005 so have seen him in action on many occasions.

In 2016, President Trump asked me to head a vaccine safety commission. To that end, I had a series of meetings with senior regulators, including Fauci and Gates. One of my challenges was telling them, “You haven’t conducted a single double-blind, placebo-controlled study for any of the 72 recommended vaccines given to children. Fauci publicly claimed that I was not telling the truth on this matter. I said to him, ‘Show me a single study for any of these 72 vaccinations’. He made a show of going through the files he’d brought with him. He said, “We don’t have it here, we will send it to you. He never sent them to me, and a year later I sued them. We filed a lawsuit asking them to show us all the studies they had and after a year of litigation they came back saying we didn’t have any.

Ironically, Fauci is now saying he can’t use ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid unless double-blind, placebo-controlled studies are in place.

SB: The impression I have of Fauci is that he knows what to say in public, but he seems to have a dark side. The only reason to provide people with toxic drugs like remdesivir, which has been so harmful to people with Covid, is to know that many who receive it will die. Does he know that too?

RFK: Of course he knows. He had remdesivir in a study in Africa to see if it would work against Ebola. In 2019 the Data and Safety Monitoring Review Board (DSMB) monitored its work. Two months later, the panel said it was not safe, it was killing people. It is made by the pharmaceutical company Gilead, in which Bill Gates has a large stake. The coronavirus doesn’t kill 50 percent of the people who become infected with it, while studies show that over 50 percent of people treated with remdesivir died.

SB: In your book you speak of two types of scientists: those who let Fauci dictate their careers and those who refuse to be compromised, but he seems to be very effective at suppressing dissent.

RFK: Along with him, Gates and Jeremy Farrar, the director of the Wellcome Trust [ein Teil des Jahresbudgets des Trusts in Höhe von 29,1 Milliarden Pfund stammt von Gates], they control 61 percent of the world’s biomedical research, so they control pretty much everything that is funded. That funding power also gives them the power to prevent studies they don’t want and to ruin scientists trying to conduct those studies and to bankrupt universities. I show how this works in my book. When a young scientist at UCLA Medical School [Universität von Kalifornien, Los Angeles] says why don’t we look into whether the vaccines are causing harm by doing a cluster analysis of the medical records? This is an easy study to do. His dean gets a call from one of Tony Fauci’s lackeys at the NIH [National Institutes of Health unter der Leitung von Fauci] telling him you’d better stop this guy from doing the study because Tony doesn’t want it. UCLA, like all medical schools in this country, receives hundreds of millions of dollars from Fauci and the NIH and is completely dependent on the pharmaceutical product royalties that Fauci develops in his laboratory to the universities for phase 1 and phase Awards 2 studies and then hires a pharmaceutical company to produce the drug, which then shares the patent with the university. Everyone is hooked, everyone makes money, and everyone has a great incentive not to talk.

Tomorrow we will examine the sensational results of RFK’s book.


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